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Week of June 9 to 15, 2019– Shadow work to be faced, letting go, rashness, premature action

There is a lot of shadow work potential and triggers this week and this year. Of course with our shadows, the trick is to recognize them, recognize our hidden & repressed issues and fears and decide to work on them instead of doing projection by accusing others because this has been the tendency so far with Mars being conjunct Rahu in Gemini. As Mars gets closer, and it is already very close at 22 degrees, we’ll be faced with intense emotions, ego-identification issues and a tendency to do a lot of projection (Rahu-Mars tendency). Saturn-Mars opposition brings a lot of push-pull feelings and feelings of restriction resulting in deep frustration. We may desire to go forward but this is a time when we’ll most likely be faced with setbacks.

A lot of patience and forgiveness will be necessary this entire year if we wish to evolve and expand our consciousness, this will result in our shadows slowly dissolving.

Mercury is currently conjunct both Rahu and Mars in Gemini and although Mercury is at home, there is too much malefic energy going on for Mercury to do well in its own house. Communication, business, friendships and relationships with siblings can all suffer. The ego is at its high and this always brings up arguments, be aware of it in all your actions and interactions. Acting and speaking prematurely is likely to occur. Actions and words will tend to be harsher and bolder.

Mercury's exact conjunction with Rahu will be on June 16. And with Mars on the 17. Mercury leaves Gemini on June 20 around 6:50 pm EST.

On June 10, at 2pm EST, we have an exact squaring of Neptune in Aquarius and Sun in Taurus at 24 degrees 33. This creates an extremely sensitive and fragile energy, gullibility and inability to stand our ground. Feelings get hurt easily and may also be uncontrollable, deception and disappointments are probable on this day. Feelings of escapism are more also likely.

This period is especially strongly felt for Gemini & Sagittarius Moon’s and Ascendants.

Gemini Moon’s and Ascendants are really getting hit hard at this time, relationships may experience some issues (remember our shadow – as this is what relationships bring up in all of us). Relationships which are turbulent already and make it through this tough period may make both of you much stronger.

Also Saturn ruled people, Aquarius and Capricorn Ascendants, Sun’s and Moon’s will feel the intensity of this week and year more. Really anyone having important planets in Sagittarius and Gemini. Also if you are going through a Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu dasha or antardasha.

Letting go is the theme of this year, letting go of what’s holding us back from our true and higher potential. Letting go of fear, anger, unforgiveness. Nobody on this earth is perfect, we all have flaws and issues to deal with, keeping this in mind will help. Shadow work can free us a great deal and help us in our interaction with “others” and “ourselves”. Our belief system is being destroyed and slowly replaced and rebuild by new more expanding and unifying beliefs individually and collectively; let’s all keep that in mind because it is not an easy process for all of us. Again patience and forgiveness is key.

Facing our Karma and working with it is also a very important theme this year and always, this is what life is all about.

· Mars exactly conjunct Rahu, ketu and Saturn on June 13, be careful on this day especially for blow-ups of all kinds, and this whole week,

· Mars leaves Gemini on June 22.


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