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Astrology predictions and consultations. Vedic astrology, jyotish

All readings & consultations are recorded audio files that will be sent to your email within 18 business days. 
After you purchase a reading, be sure to send me your Name as well as the name of the Consultation you purchased from the CONTACT form section. You will then get a reply with a Client Sheet to fill-out before I can start with your reading. 
All readings are in US dollars. Along with your audio-file, you will receive a PDF file with the astrological chart(s) related to your reading. There are no refunds.

Relationship Compatibility Reading $180 USD

The compatibility between two individuals is analyzed. I use synastry, the composite chart, which I personally call, the karmic blueprint of the relationship, & the Vedic Kuta system. I will answer any question you have regarding your relationship.




Career Consultation  $108 USD

I analyze the best job suited for you according to your innate talents and capabilities. I also look at which career will bring you most money.



Parent-Child Consultation  $144 USD USD

The relationship between parent and child is analysed with a special focus on the child's chart.


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The chakras and the internal cosmos, meditation, vedic astrology

Full Chart Reading  $275 USD

This is an in-depth consultation of your Natal Chart (Rasi chart). I cover all areas of life, and anything that stands out to me. I also cover your main current planetary periods (Mahadasha), current transits, as well as your core stars (lunar mansions). Your karmic direction and purpose in life is analyzed. I look at the Navamsa chart (Divisional 9 chart), which is your soul-chart, and the fruit of your rasi or D1 chart.



Full chart reading  $325 USD

30 minutes longer minimum with additional information extracted.

Varshaphal - Yearly Consultation  $225 USD

What is the focus of the year ahead for you (from birthday to birthday). I analyze the 12 months ahead to see the areas of life that will unfold.




Muhurta (Auspicious Timing)  $200 USD

In this consultation I help you select the most auspicious timing for your important life events. Whether it be the best time for your wedding, to sell your house, or sign an important contract, etc. 






Birth Time Rectification

360 USD

I help find your correct time of birth based on a series of questions pertaining to important life events.


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