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Venus Exalted in Venus March 31 to April 24

Creativity is at its peak now with the planet of love, relationships, and beauty exalted in Pisces from March 31 to April 24.


This is a good time to tap into higher vibrations, such as love and compassion instead of fear. It’s a great time to beautify our lives, environment, and ourselves as well. Love is in the air. If you happen to be in the Venus dasha or subperiod then you may meet someone special, especially if you’re a Scorpio ascendant or Moon, or even a Virgo ascendant. If you’re already in a relationship there can be more understanding around this time.


This transit is a reminder to share and extend our love and compassion to others, and to let go of being so judgmental.


Pisces rules the past, and as such we may ponder on past loves. This is a good time to forgive, let go and move on. Meditating on the heart chakra, which corresponds to Venus, can be quite powerful and healing right now. Simply close your eyes, place your hand on the middle of your chest and connect to your heart.


On April 3, Venus conjuncts Neptune. This is a beautiful devotional aspect, full of compassion, openness, and forgiveness. On the negative side, perception and discrimination will be at its lowest, and transparency may be lacking around this time. There may be some disappointment in love and relationship matters.


On April 18, Venus conjuncts Rahu at 22 degrees of Revati. This heightens all the qualities of Venus and can bring in new love or reveal some sort of deception ultimately. Spending may increase, especially for Aries ascendants.


On April 19, Venus conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 23 degrees. Past loves may return, however this is just for clarification or closure of some sort, this can also cause misunderstandings.


April 23, Venus is at 29 degrees in gandanta, this is difficult for finances and relationships. Relationships may end, or you may want to end an unhealthy relationship.  


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