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Venus Conjunct Mars Transit (January 16 to March 30, 2022)

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This is a very important and impactful conjunction since it will last for about 3 months, and it is happening in the signs within the intense Kala Sarpa Yoga! Venus and Mars are tightly conjunct until March 19, then Venus begins to speed ahead from Mars. Hence Venus does have the upper hand. They remain conjunct in Capricorn until March 30.

Mars\Venus is the 1/7 axis (myself and others, myself and my partner/spouse), and the 2/8 axis (my money & values versus other people's money & values, my family's values and my partner's family's values and money).

The themes are all interrelated and opposites in the zodiac; Mars and Venus rule opposite houses and signs (Aries is opposite Libra, Taurus is opposite Scorpio), they are complementary as they form an axis. Yet individually they are polar opposites.

Mars is known as the planet of war, passion, conflict, competition, and selfishness. It's an egotistical planet many times. Venus is the planet of finances, relationships, love and marriage, but especially healthy compromise and cooperation. Working as a team is the domaine of Venus. Saying "I do" or "Yes to the dress" is also the domaine of Venus. What we agree to and what we say YES to, all deal with Venus.

While oftentimes Mars deals with saying "No". "No I dont have to compromise. No I dont have to see your viewpoint, no I wont consult you about anything, I'll just run away and do what I want". We can see the large contrast between Venus and Mars.

However, Mars is necessary in our lives, it helps us get things done, toughen up when needed. It's necessary to be selfish and look after our health first, it is necessary to not lose ourself in a relationship.

Mars is the masculine energy or the Yang, while Venus is the feminine or the Yin energy. The assertive force (Mars) and the passive one (Venus). War (Mars), and peace (Venus). A healthy balance of these energies is needed for success in all areas of life, ideally.

Mars conjunct Venus generate a lot of magnetisim, sexual passion, and conflict in relationships regarding personal values, independence and finances. It can also inspire us creatively, or to get our creative projects up and rolling. We may desire to create new streams of income during this transit.

Both palnets are at war in our cosmos until March 30, 2022, and will face important challenges, especially in the sign of Capricorn starting February 26 to March 30.

The conjunction begins on January 16 in the sign of Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter, which deals with freedom, law, spirituality, and belief systems. During this transit is when the Freedom Convoy started in Ottawa, Canada, on January 22. Venus was retrograde at 17 degrees conjunct Mars, and trine Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees. Venus represents Vehicles, while Jupiter is responsible for the massive gathering of the truckers and vehicles. Uranus was responsible for breaking free and changing the status quo.

The protested was against Covid-19 vaccine mandates, this went on for weeks afterwards in various parts of Canada. They were protesting for their freedom and human rights, all indications related to the sign of Sagittarius, and the square of Uranus to both Venus ans Mars.

So in Sagittarius, both Mars and Venus are inspired toward expressing not only their desire for freedom, but also their beliefs in exagerated ways. The Uranus trine only amplifies the Jupitarian energy, and the desire to break free. Sagittarius Mars/Venus is also inspired toward truth, wisdom and ther divine. Mars and Venus stay in Sagittarius until Frebruary 26.

Remember that a conjunction is a hard aspect and these are the aspects that make us grow the most. Hence, examing ourselves and how we relate to others is a big theme with Venus conjunct Mars.

On February 26 Mars and Venus enter Capricorn where the territory is more constricted, intense and also volatile due to Pluto, Saturn and the square to Uranus. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn until March 30. The emphasis is on finances, the goverments of the world, royalty and papacy. All is put on display for the world to see.

Important Dates:

March 2 and 3: Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct Pluto at 3 degrees. This is a very intense time., intuition is heightened and hidden truths may surface. Jealousy and even violence may take place during these two days. Good day for deep meditation and research.

March 19: Venus square Uranus at at 18 degrees, this can create radical change financially and in relationships. Venus will also be between Mars and Saturn, two great malefics, this is a very uneasy time for finances at the government level. Relationships are tested greatly. Venus square Uranus creates a desire to break free and change direction competely. We should be cautious on this day while driving or operating any vehicle. Taurus, Libra & Capricorn Ascendants need to be extra careful on this day and around these days.

March 22 (3/22): Mars square Uranus at 18 degrees. This is a very accident prone day, radical change may occur at the govermental level or anywhere in the world. Something major can appear on the news. 322 is the number related to the Skull and Bones society, we may hear of an incident related to this society, directly or indirectly.

March 28: Venus conjunct Saturn at 27 degrees. This can create financial restriction or feeling restricted in relationships. We may need to start a budget.

March 30: Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius.

April 4: Mars conjunct Saturn at 28 degrees, this is a very difficult aspect. Mars will feel constricted, and this creates a lot of frustration and infuriation, a push and pull energy is felt with this aspect. Saturn will put the breaks on Mars, and Mars will be quite angered.

April 7: Mars leaves Capricorn and joins Venus in Aquarius.


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