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Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020. War & tears, Africa, India & China

This upcoming total solar eclipse does not look good at all.

It is taking place in sidereal Gemini at 6 degrees Ardra. Rahu is at 4 degrees, while Mercury Retrograde at 20 degrees. Since Mercury rules this house and sign, it will contribute to the potency of the eclipse making it more influential, since Retrograde planets are stronger in energy, being closer to the earth.

· Let’s not forget that all the slower moving planets are also retrograde, including Saturn in Capricorn at 6 degrees, hence the exact eclipse degree, this is a quincunx aspect to the eclipse, which is not a positive one.

· Then there is Retrograde Jupiter conjunct (R)Pluto at the very critical degree of 0 in Capricorn also giving a quincunx aspect to Rahu in Ardra mainly, although an orb of 4 degrees is present, this is an acceptable orb in my book. Nonetheless, aspect or not, 0 degrees Capricorn indicates political & global unrest.

· Eclipses literally shake up the earth! So, earthquakes, strong thunders, climatic tragedies are likely to happen following this eclipse, like in the weeks or months after.

· The first thing to consider when trying to analyse an eclipse is the Nakshatra or lunar mansion that it is happening in, which is Ardra in this case. Ardra is related to the God of the storm, where anger is at its maximum, as well as many tears and sadness; Ardra is depicted as a teardrop. There is intense transformation to be found here but at the price of tragedy, anger, and many tears.

· Secondly, where will this eclipse be seen in the world? That physical continent or continents concerned will be most affected. This eclipse will be visible near India, Tibet and China, all along these regions, even parts of Africa will be affected. We can therefore almost be certain that some important tragic event will hit these regions in a big way, following this eclipse.

Eclipses always bring major changes in the world and into our lives; this is their innate purpose and reason for existing.

One of my favorite quotes is the only constant in life is change”. This is the reason for all aspects, transits, planetary periods, the existence of astrology, life itself! To create change is to create life, and transformations are a celebration of life. Inner change is what transforms us the most and what contributes to the evolution of our consciousness.

Even physical death is not stagnation but life itself, a transformational period that brings us into the next realm, and it never stops or ends because just like the 8-infinity symbol, it is the cycle of life. No end to it.

We are so attached to this physical world, to all the material things we own or desire, which are all fleeting, that we loose the bigger picture, we forget what actually matters at the end of the day, and its not how much money you have in the bank, nor which denominational church you belong to, or which god you pray to. In the end the only thing that really matters is love, which is unperishable.

Eclipses effect us weeks before they occur, up to weeks after and even months after they occur.

As a Gemini ascendant myself, this upcoming eclipse has already affected me in big way. All we can do is try to be positive and try to look at whatever is happening with a bigger picture in mind. An opportunity to learn grow and become stronger.

We are really all in this journey of life and existence together. Separation is an illusion, separation of “race”, color and religion are just illusions, which keep us away from truly evolving and from true divinity ironically.


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