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Total Solar Eclipse in Aries April 19-20, 2023

It’s that time of the year again, eclipse season. We’ll need to “hold on to our horses” with this one as things may unfold at such a rapid pace that we’ll need to slow down and catch our breath! You may already be feeling the intense energy in the air, and things may be unfolding with great velocity in your life because this is in fact an action-packed Solar eclipse. Not overwhelming ourselves is important.

The total Solar eclipse takes place in Sidereal Aries, at 5 degrees of Ashwini nakshatra on April 19/20. It is conjunct Rahu at 9 degrees, Mercury at 21 degrees and Uranus at 23 degrees, and is receiving a square from Pluto at 6 degrees Uttara Ashadha, in Capricorn.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing new beginnings and a fresh start. Not afraid to take the lead, its fiery nature is seen through its impulsiveness and its drive that wants to jump straight into action, creating rapid change. This can certainly inspire us to take much needed action and embark on a new journey of transformation. Taking this big leap can be much needed in our life however staying clear of impulsive or rash decisions that we may regret later is vital; eclipses obscure our mind as they darken the luminaries (the Sun and Moon).

Ashwini is a Vedic star solely found in sidereal Aries belonging to the speedy twin horsemen gods. These horsemen are known as the healers of the gods, curing the uncurable, and rushing to the rescue of those in need. As such, the healing energy is activated now, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical healing, this is a favorable time to embark on a journey of restoration. Ashwini represents new journeys that require work and sacrifice, as twins they signify harmony & balance, which are needed to be successful in any new endeavor taken. These journeys can be of the spiritual kind, on the path of light and wisdom, as the Ashwin twins are the first deities of light.

The eclipse is conjunct Rahu, which indicates the future, however being in Ketu ruled Ashwini, implies the past and that we have come full circle. This is such a karmic time, and a great time for endings, completion and new beginnings, regeneration. Ketu is in Libra, in Swati, a Rahu ruled nakshatra, ruled by Vayu the god of the wind, speed, and perpetual movement. Lots and lots of change is in the air. We’ll need to be flexible and not resist all this transformation coming up in the world and in our personal lives. Both Ashwini and Swati represent Prana, the vital life force energy.

Aries/Libra is the axis of the self and the other, the self in relationships, the other reflecting our shadows and vice versa. Maybe we need to make changes in this are of life and introduce more balance and harmony. One thing is for sure, whatever has been holding us back thus far, in any area of our life is now ready to be set free. Whatever stagnant energy may be present in our life right now, is set to be released for good. This transition will not be easy, but it will be worth it, it will be a step further in our personal and spiritual growth. Ashwini represents the sacrifices we must make for our higher good and spiritual evolution. Ashwini is a profound nakshatra requiring us to sacrifice the ego, hence the rulership of Ketu, which is the body without the head. Ketu also represents dissatisfaction, which can push us towards an inner quest that leads to truth.

Eclipses are known to shake up the earth, as such there will be natural disasters such as earthquakes, and with Jupiter in gandanta at this time (see previous post on Jupiter gandanta), massive rainfalls, floodings, and drownings are indicated. Traditionally it’s not advised to observe eclipses as they are omens of inauspiciousness.

On top of this all, Mars ruler of Aries is in Rahu ruled Ardra indicating storms and profound transformation, as well as sadness and renewal.

The very close orb square from Pluto to the eclipse is indicative of great tension and a breaking point, subconscious fears are rising up and something needs to change. At a global level, this deals with the world governments as Pluto is in Capricorn and the Sun also represents government's and leaders.

This powerful tension can be felt internally by us as restlessness, stress and anxiety. This is normal, and will subside later, not overwhelming ourselves will help.

Mercury in Aries makes our mind race, hence we need to calm our mind and take things easy during this eclipse season.

Gemini and Virgo ascendants and Moon may be feeling very unsettled at the moment. If you are a Cancer or Leo ascendant or Moon remember that eclipses affect you every time they occur. If you are going through Mars Mahadasha or Antardasha (subperiod) this too will affect the area of life indicated by the house. Or if you have planet sin Aries this eclipse will be impactful. Getting enough rest, fresh air, and calming our nervous system is important.

The next eclipse will be a Lunar one, 2 weeks later on May 5th in Vishakha nakshatra in Libra. More on this later.


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