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Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 (+ Yearly Chart Predictions)

Updated: Apr 15

The potent total solar eclipse of April 8 occurs in the constellation of Pisces, at 25 degrees of Revati. This eclipse is referred to as the Great American eclipse. This year the eclipse coincides with the Vedic yearly chart that we use each year when the Sun and Moon conjoin in Pisces. This chart is use to predict the karmas to come for any given country for an entire year. Consequently, the year ahead will be quite difficult and intense. It is traditionally discouraged to look at eclipses as they are inauspicious astronomical events. I do not advise their observation.

Solar eclipses mainly concern rulers, leaders, and world governments. Of course they impact our lives at a personal level too, especially if you are a Pisces ascendant or Moon, or a Libra and Taurus ascendant. All eclipses affect Cancer and Leo Moon's and Ascendants. (I am using the real sky, i.e. sidereal astrology, not western astrology that is tropical).


This is a Rahu Solar eclipse (a new moon conjunct the north node) indicating new beginnings and new opportunities for all of us on a personal level. In Pisces however it also means that some things need to simply end, or be completed, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and Revati is the last lunar mansion. Pisces relates to the past, letting go, forgiveness, and spirituality. It's time to wrap things up, for the new to enter our lives. Pisces also rules hospitals, secrecy, foreign lands and foreign affairs, and immigration. The eclipse is conjunct exalted Venus, emphasizing relationships, contracts, finance and the food industry. Terminations of all sorts of contracts are high around this time and for the upcoming year.

The eclipse path goes from Mexico to the Unites States, to Canada. What is interesting is that the eclipse path crosses the path of the last Great American Solar eclipse of August 2017 forming an X in southern Unites States. This junction or crossing of paths spans from Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. This could be an omen of darkness to come.

I’m using the Canadian chart, yet the US chart is the same, meaning the eclipse occurs in the 9th house for both countries, and the ascendant is also the same in Ashlesha. The 9th house deals with foreign lands, law, justice, and truth but also learning. New laws will be implemented and old laws abolished. Much truth will surface and shake things up for us, especially since the dispositor of the eclipse, Jupiter, goes into the 10th house of the government, indicating that truth concerning leaders and world governments will be exposed and will shock many.


Such truths are seen as threats and enemies by world leaders as Jupiter also rules the 6th house in this chart, of enemies, obstacles, and all kinds of troubles. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will ignite awakenings worldwide. Various new laws will be implemented as mentioned above, even surprising ones perhaps, as Uranus rules surprises and unexpected twists and turns. The 6th house rules health and healing as well, so new laws pertaining to the medical system are likely.

The governments will be shaken up by sudden unexcepted changes and circumstances. Uranus rules technology, and so innovative technologies will surface within the governments. There could be new laws surrounding them.

Mercury Retrograde is at 0 degrees Aswhini, also in the 10th house, this is chaotic. Mercury rules the 3rd house in this chart, of travel, information, social media, the media, and communication. This indicates falsification of information, considerate communication mishaps and important chaotic travel delays and problems. The Vedic portion of the sky Ashwini rules travel, emergencies, doctors, and rescues. Mercury also rules the 12th house in this chart, which relates to secrecy, cover ups, overseas travel or foreign lands, hospitals, the medical system, immigration or immigrants, endings, and enemies. I am seeing a health crisis or problems within hospitals, also an immigration crisis that is out of control, and that will continue to expand because Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Secret enemies within the governments and secrecy involving immigrants are indicated. All these things will come to light sooner or later, as this is unavoidable with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 10th house. There are considerate endings coming up at the governmental level. This particular Mercury retrograde will be the source of anger and violence even, along with its dispositor Mars in Aquarius conjunct Saturn. There is a wide square between Pluto which is in the 7th house and Mercury int he 10th, this may indicate the breaching of contracts.

If we continue looking at this chart, we see that Saturn and Mars are conjunct in the 8th house, this is quite challenging. This is the house of crisis, sudden reversals, death, investigation/research, the occult, and deep transformation. Mars rules the 10th house of the government including the monetary system and the 5th house of world leaders. Saturn rules the 7th house of relationships, contracts, and the 8th house of unexpected crisis and money. This doesn’t sound great for the world leaders or the governments. Contracts may be abolished, leaders will step down or even worse perhaps, the monetary/banking system will see significant change, etc. Saturn conjunct Mars energy creates a lot of frustration, it can be explosive. Censorship and repression of the people is another indication of Saturn/Mars in Aquarius.  Nonetheless, drastic changes at the governmental level are to come.  

Venus rules the 4th house in this chart of domestic affairs and homeland, as well as the 11th house of gains, networking and associations. Venus is in the 9th, which again rules law, justice and truth, but also divine wisdom and spirituality. New laws concerning housing and real estate are indicated, but since Venus is eclipsed, it has its negatives impacts such as the termination of certain laws that once were beneficial perhaps. Neptune is also involved in the eclipse indicating untruthfulness and deceit.

Everything in this chart seems to point to major transformation and change, but also crisis in various sectors of society and covert operations and agendas at play, such as indicated by Pluto in the 7th house of relationships, and contracts. It suggests power and control issues. As well as covert manipulation. Healing and letting go or acceptance of things also is an important theme with this Pisces eclipse.


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