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Total lunar Eclipse in Aries at 21 degrees Bharani - November 8

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This is a potent Total Lunar Eclipse in Sidereal Aries at 21 degrees of Bharani at 5:59 am EST. It begins at 3:02 am and ends at 6:51 am EST. It is conjunct Rahu, and Uranus. Traditionally it is not advised to look at eclipses as they are said to be inauspicious events.

There is a great deal going on with this one! Its dispositor Mars, is Retrograde at 0 degrees of Gemini (please read previous post). Additionally, the Moon, Uranus (R) and Rahu are all being squared by Saturn in Capricorn, and opposed by Mercury and Venus, which are both combust, along the Sun, all in Libra, the sign of relationships.

What all of this means is a massive breaking point, a crisis at so many levels, and as I’ve been saying for many months now, important sudden changes, major awakenings, and shifts in consciousness. This is a time where the hidden comes to light. You may come to the truth concerning something that was perplexing in your life, it may be an important revelation that can help you.

Significant change at the governmental level is inevitable, especially in the United States. Also, November 8 is the day of their midterm election, which should be interesting.

Saturn making a square to this mighty full moon eclipse within one degree of Uranus, is sure to shake up the earth causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Conflict between what is “tried and true” (i.e., traditional) and the unconventional and new, is indicated, along with revolutions, including inner revolutions.

Once again, this is all about major shifts in consciousness, awakenings, soul-growth, and major unexpected sudden change in the world for the weeks and months ahead. Since Mars is retrograde, we need to be careful with anger issues because this is the energy that attracts accidents, violence, explosions, fires, etc. This is a time to channel whatever anger may be present in us carefully and in more positive ways.

As I always say, eclipses have the power to turn our lives upside down, or to change our life completely. It is not always a negative thing, there can be positive change too.

Nonetheless, it is a time of seeing the light in big ways, which leads to endings and new beginnings.

The eclipse is happening in Bharani lunar mansion, which is the fixed star that has the womb and yoni as its symbol. It represents a few things, including the birthing process which can be painful, and this will be the energy and outcome of the total lunar eclipse, a painful process that s necessary. It’s a highly transformative time, of new beginnings and endings. Yama the god of death is the deity found in Bharani, he is said to oversea and accompany the soul of man after death. Hence there can be important deaths amongst leaders of the world and in the government. Yama is a god of justice; hence justice is another theme for this eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Eastern and Northern Europe, United Kingdom, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

These will be the most affected countries as well.


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