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Special New Moon in Pisces April 5

Special New Moon in Pisces April 5, 2019 at 4:52 am, Eastern Standard Time.

What is special about this particular new moon in Pisces (and in Revati lunar constellation) is that it coincides with the ending of the Vedic year, and the start of the new year. Pisces happens to be the last sign of the zodiac, also marking the ending of a cycle before a new one begins in Aries. In a few days the Sun will enter sidereal Aries starting the beginning of a 12 month solar cycle. Revati, the lunar mansion where this new moon is occurring also happens to be the last one of all the 27 lunar constellations, also symbolizing endings. A special time indeed.

The moon represents our mind and our emotional being and nature, our inner world, what is buried underground (inside), which is not easily seen by others. When a new moon occurs, it darkens peoples minds here on earth, meaning that rather than bringing clarity it brings a lot of contemplation, and quite bit of confusion. This is why it is not recommended to take new actions on new moons, anything we wish to begin should be done the following day of a new moon, when the moon begins its waxing phase (growing in light). New moons are good for meditation (seeking light), especially this one.

There is a feeling of completion or of letting go and letting new beginnings enter, maybe you have some clues of what is to come, maybe you are clueless. But something is finishing and getting ready to renew itself. Revati is ruled by Mercury which is interesting because Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, its intellectual functions are changed to a higher form of faith in the divine, here Mercury wants to connect with the spiritual realm and learns to discern what is meant to end for the new to come in.

The deity of Revati is Pushan a vedic form of the Sun God who is a God of fertility and a nourisher or protector, it is basically a type of guide that helps us in our endings, whether it be our actual end of life on this material plane, or just the end of a cycle, a situation, old patterns, fear, way of thinking, etc..

This particular new moon connects us with all that is formless, all that is deeper in meaning and spiritual, it is a supportive energy helping us transit to the next level and phase which is much needed at this moment with all that is going on in the stars, we really need this supportive and nurturing energy.

(The ruler of Pisces which is Jupiter is in a critical place right now of Gandanta, where the Karmic Knot is currently being undone, (see my post about Jupiter Gandanta), this is a lot of energy shifting and is not an easy time for most, yet we are supported and helped by this New Moon energy, as long as we let go of fear.)


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