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Solar Eclipse in Libra, 7 degrees Swati – October 25

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Solar Eclipse takes place on October 25 around 5:28 am EST, in Sidereal Libra at 7 degrees, conjunct an eclipsed Venus at 9 degrees, in the region of the sky called Swati in vedic astrology.

Libra is the epitome of relationships and commitment, compromise and consideration, harmony, and balance. It’s the sign of marriage, contracts, partnerships and “the other or others” (the 7th house), which is opposed to “the self” (the 1st house). Venus as the ruler of Libra deals with our values, what we say yes to, what we commit to, it is the planet of decision-making, agreement, and contracts. And of course, Venus rules love and the senses, and much more but mainly relationships and this is what this solar eclipse is all about. Likewise, Venus rules finance, and we already know things aren’t looking good in this area, it will continue to decline into a full blown recession especially with Mars retrograde in the sign of wealth and finance, Taurus.

With Venus being combust, i.e., “burned” by the rays of the sun, meaning Venus is hidden behind the Sun and weakened, relationships will suffer. The degree of suffering will depend on the amount of equal commitment, love, respect, and honesty within our relationships. No relationship is perfect of course, but now will be the time when we’ll be faced with what needs improvement and what needs to end or change.

A solar eclipse occurs when there is a new moon on the nodal axis, either with Rahu or Ketu. This time it is occurring conjunct Ketu, indicating past issues that will resurface for possible healing. People from our past may resurface as well. This could also indicate the termination of contracts.

Libra ruling justice and the Sun ruling leaders and the government and being debilitated in Libra, suggests that some leaders may face justice soon, and there could be an important ending or death as well.

Swati is a swift or quick nakshatra that deals with perpetual movement, travel, and change. It’s ruled by Vayu the god of the wind and speediness. Hence things will unfold quite quickly in the world and in our personal lives depending on what house sidereal Libra rules in our chart. Flexibility will be vital. If you feel suffocated in any relationship, you’ll most likely want to break free, as Swati deals with freedom and independence.

This isn’t a good time to make drastic or important life changes or get married. There’s too much intensity and instability in the sky with Saturn square Uranus, and Uranus opposite Sun/Venus, plus Mars being in the shadow phase before going retrograde on the 30th of October. Additionally, the Lunar eclipse on November 8th is already being felt as it is quite potent and will create some important, massive, unexpected change.

Eclipses have the power to turn our lives upside down, and they have the power to shake up the earth, causing earthquakes. They darken the luminaries (the Sun and Moon); in return they darken our mind and awareness. It’s a good idea to keep things light until at least a week after the November 8 eclipse, and not make important decisions especially on eclipse day. The effects of eclipese last for about 6 months.


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