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Sexual & magnetic energy - Venus moves into Aries May 10 - June 3, 2019

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Venus entered Aries on May 10 joinning Mercury, Sun and Uranus. This creates lots of sexual & magnetic energy in the air, especially because the Lord of Aries; which is Mars, is conjunct Rahu in Gemini creating lots of flirtatious & carnal desires.

Venus represents the feminine energy, it is the goddess energy of love, beauty and romance, as well as the pleasure of the senses and mcuh more. Anytime she is in a sign ruled by Mars, she becomes extra sensual and sexual. Likewise, when Mars is in a sign ruled by Venus it becomes ever more carnal and lustful. This of course applies to conjunctions and aspects.

There is already lots of magnetism going on presently in Aries simply by the Sun being in the presence of Uranus. This conjunction alone creates a lot of zeal, excitement and thrill for new beginnings. It makes one go for what they want, cutting all unnecessary ties weighing one down. There is abundant creativity here. The sun will however leave Uranus very soon on May 14.

Venus conjoined Mercury in Aries can be quite charming, but also quite manipulative as well. It is interested in its own desires and getting them satisfied quickly, this is why Venus is not very happy in Aries. Venus is mainly about cooperation & relationship, while Mars is mainly concerned with serving the self. We may find ourselves dissatisfied with our relationships during this transit, this is mainly because this energy tends towards selfishness instead of on the relationship as a whole. Passion is always present with Venus in Aries, which can be good or can create arguments.

Venus conjoined Uranus will make us excited about new beginnings in love, it creates the energy of wanting to find new ways to seduce. In Aries it can ignite a burning fire that will most likely disappear quickly. Venus conjunct Uranus is very exhilarating and fun yet not so much for deep connection and union. Uranus loves freedom and change. Venus and Uranus will be tightly conjunct on May 18, resist the urge to cheat on your wife, spouse or partner!

Being conscious of not wasting our vital and sexual energy is important at the moment (and always), as well as honoring the feminine-goddess energy of receptivity, sensitvity, & healthy compromise.

• The Sun leaves Aries on May 14

• Mercury leaves Aries on May 18

• Uranus will remain in Aries until March 19 2025

• Venus leaves Aries June 3 and will enter its own house in Taurus, where it will be very content


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