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Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn October 22, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Before a planet turns direct, after its retrograde period, it will stop, i.e. station, at a particular degree before moving forward again.

Saturn stations at 24 degrees in sidereal Capricorn and remains at this degree for over a month. This is going to be a difficult cycle. At the same time, Saturn is closely squaring Uranus in Aries throughout the end of November. This means more instability and important shifts to come at the governmental and financial level.

Saturn is the planet of structure, tradition, convention, he is the lord of Karma, while Uranus is this left-field energy that comes out of nowhere shaking the solid ground beneath us. The only constant with Uranus is change and unconventionality. The only constant with Saturn is conventionality. When these two meet in a square, stability and tradition are questioned and threatened. The result is earthquakes, tension, a breaking point, and important change. This is a good time to be open minded and allow change to take place in your life.

If you have planets in sidereal Capricorn, or opposite in Cancer, or Libra, or Aries at 24 degrees or very close, then vigilance is advised. Some area(s) of your life may be affected depending on the houses involved.

Normally when a planet goes direct, it is a time of forward movement, and of implementing our plans. This time our plans can go haywire throughout the entire duration of Saturn square Uranus, which is until the end of November. We’ll need both grounding and flexibility.

Saturn is in Dhanishta during this time, which is a lunar mansion that involves “the gift of insight”, deep perception and the ability to hear divine wisdom. Saturn square Uranus can indeed produce awakenings. The symbol of Dhanishta is an ear, but also the damaru or drum, which belongs to lord shiva, representing kala (time & death), karma, and major transformation.


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