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Saturn Retrograde for all Ascendants (Libra to Pisces)

This is for sidereal Ascendants and Moon signs, and not for tropical signs in Western astrology.

· For Libra Ascendants, the retrograde occurs in your 5th house. This is the house of “Purva Punya”, meaning past good deeds. The retrograde of Saturn here can hamper the mind as the 5th house governs the mind and intelligence, you may feel some pressure on your mind. This is meant to refine you. The 5th house deals with creative expression, children, and the heart. It will be of upmost importance to connect to your heart and to align to your heart in all your endeavors whether romantic or creative expressions. There may be delays and blockages in these areas. The 5th house is a dharma house where we connect to higher intelligence, this is the house that rules mantra especially, as well as meditation and other spiritual practices or tools. Saturn retrograde in the 5th is excellent for meditation and starting a mantra routine, this will help alleviate the pressures on the mind. Saturn also rules the 4th house for you, which deals with real estate property, some problems may arise in this area or setbacks. The 4th house is your emotional wellbeing, extra care is needed psychologically, or your mother may need more care and attention at this time, perhaps even your home needs some attention.

· For Scorpio Ascendants, Saturn retrogrades in your 4th house of your emotional nature, your inner world, psychology, and your home and mother. This retrograde may feel heavy for you and you may feel tired as well, you may experience some fear or anxiety. This is all normal as Saturn is weighing down on you emotionally. Take it easy and try to connect to your heart, as the 4th house deals with our heart, especially the receptive “faculty” of the heart, perhaps you feel more closed off than usual, or perhaps your mother will need more care and attention at this time. Your home life will require more work and effort. Real estate and property may undergo some difficulties & setbacks. Saturn rules your 3rd house of siblings, there can be issues with them during this time related to family and the home.

· For Sagittarius Ascendants, Saturn retrogrades in your 3rd house. The 3rd house is all about communication, short distance travel and siblings. These are the areas of setbacks and difficulties. There can be issues with a younger sibling at this time. Be more conscious of how you communicate, when Saturn is retrograde, we all need to communicate with more kindness and less judgement or criticism. The 3rd house deals with our efforts, you may find it more difficult in this area, it may take you longer to do things or even travelling may cause some serious setbacks. Take precautions before travelling, make sure the roads are clear ahead of time for example. The 3rd house also deals with the intellect, there can be some difficulties here too, it may take you longer to learn things, just take your time and take it easy. Saturn rules your 2nd house of finance and family, these areas may need more care and attention.

· For Capricorn Ascendants, the Retrograde period is of upmost importance for you because Saturn is your Ascendant ruler. Physically you may feel more tired or more drained, especially if you haven’t taken care of your health while Saturn was transiting your Ascendant, or even in the years prior to that. Saturn retrograde is in your 2nd house, which is all about finance, family, your teeth and what you consume (eat and drink). Make sure you take care of your teeth, and what you consume is wholesome and healthy. Financially there can be some limitations, setbacks, and delays. Some troubles may manifest in your family as well, most likely related to finance. Remember that the 2nd house deals with our values, this could be a time when you need to reconsider your values altogether and make some important decisions. A re-evaluation of your life as whole may be necessary during this retrograde. Just take it easy and don’t overwhelm yourself. Saturn is the lord of Karma, and as a Capricorn ascendant it is important to honor Saturn in your life by being disciplined and taking full responsibility for your life.

· For Aquarius Ascendant, this is an important transit and retrograde phase, as Saturn is your ruler and transiting your first house. This is a time of great reflection and looking within, you need to slow down right now. You may feel pretty weighed down, so just take it easy during this intense phase. Watch your health and listen to your body, if you are overdoing yourself you may need to take a break. Saturn is bringing a lot of things to your attention right now; it is starting a brand-new cycle around your chart. Where do you want to be in 2 years form now, in 7 years from now. Ponder on this, make little steps. But the focus is on your physical wellbeing and your life right now, this isn’t a time to rush. Meditation can be your best friend during this retrograde phase, as well as mantra or yoga. Treat your body well, rest. Saturn also rules your 12th house, you've had to heal and close some chapters of your life when Saturn was in your 12th house, now it is all about new beginnings and a new life direction, consider what is really important for you.

· For Pisces Ascendant, Saturn is Retrograde in your 12th house, which has the energy of Pisces, it is a watery house of psychic sensitivity, spirituality, dreams, endings, and completions. You may experience a lot of nostalgia, as the 12th house deals with the past, even past lives, past connections, past interests, all these things may resurface now. This is a time of great healing, of forgiveness, great completion. Look within, and if you are spiritual, this is a fantastic time to connect to the divine within yourself, taking up devotional practices. Closing the door to unhealthy habits or people will be necessary. This is a time to redefine your boundaries. Saturn also rules your 11th house of recognition, titles, social networking, and acquaintances, all these things are taking a back burner now, as you are reconsidering all these areas and what really matters in life.


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