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Redefining Great Conjunction, Saturn and Jupiter December 21, 2020

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The most important omens that mankind possesses, are the stars above. This great conjunction is a crucial omen for society and the world at large.

This conjunction of the two slowest moving planets (Saturn and Jupiter) will occur on December 21 (on the winter solstice) at 11 am EST, at 6 degrees and 19 minutes in sidereal Capricorn, in the lunar mansion of Uttara Ashadha.

Uttara Ashadha deals with victory, being undefeated and having great determination for conquering any odds or obstacles in its way. It is ruled by the Sun, the karaka (significator) for the government and powerful positions in the infrastructures of the world.

This can result in the establishment and implementation of new structures/laws in society at the financial and governmental level. Big positive changes may be seen in the upcoming weeks and months for all of us, giving us back hope during this corona madness.

The last time Saturn conjunct Jupiter was on February 18, 1960. Let us remember that the nodes were in different signs back then than they are now. (The nodes are vital in world predictions). Nonetheless, major changes were happening in 1960’s, and we will see this happening again.

Capricorn is the sign of the elite; the government, royalty, those highly placed in society who make world changes. It is a sign concerned with money/finance/bitcoin, status/ambition and establishing long term durable foundations. Great perseverance is found here.

Jupiter is debilitated here in Capricorn, yet Saturn has the upper hand being in its own sign. Let us also not forget that Jupiter amplifies any planet it touches or looks at. Hence it will amplify the qualities of Saturn in Capricorn, mainly the ones about being able to manifest anything it desires with hard work and perseverance.

Uttara Ashadha teaches us that positive and even victorious change is attainable with commitment and determination. The sky is the limit, there is no wavering found here.


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