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Pluto Square Jupiter Transit

Pluto in Capricorn is exactly square Jupiter in Aries at 6 degrees on May 18. Jupiter represents a variety of things as it is the karaka of multiple houses. It signifies money/wealth, justice, our belief system, and knowledge (divine and educational), while Pluto represents the unconscious part of us, our shadow side, deep transformation, secrecy, death/rebirth, control, and manipulation, but also intense karma.

This square deals with important buried secrets surrounding wealth at the governmental level, which will surface and cause quite a stir. Jupiter in Aries, in Ashwini, deals with the medical field (including big pharma) and quick action. Some “leaders” and medical corporations will face harsh justice soon. Our trust in the government will never be the same again after this year.

Personally, we may be confronted on our long-held spiritual beliefs, or our beliefs in general surrounding finances and our health. Some of you may be going through a health crisis, it is time to take your health in your hands and do some deep research. Some of you may feel betrayed by the medical field this year.

Squares cause tension and friction to manifest in our lives, they require important attention. They need resolution, which often takes place after many failed attempts, or trial and error. Once mastered, a square can become a great source of strength.


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