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October 2022 – Important Shifts Ahead

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Many of you may already be feeling the intense energy in the air, this is because the eclipses are right around the corner and October is the month of major transformational shifts. It will be very important to keep ourselves grounded as much as possible. Keeping a positive mindset, free of fear as much as possible. Here is a breakdown of the month of October:

· Venus will continue to be combust throughout the entire month of October. Resulting in challenges in relationships, lack of harmony, and intensification of the economic crises.

· October 1, Saturn square Uranus continues at 24 degrees. Instability in the governments, unforeseen changes to come and tension. They remain within 1 degree throughout the month of October and then within 2 degrees all of November. This results in a breaking point of all that is traditional and restrictive. Unexpected circumstances to come in the governments (they who “govern” the “mente”).

· October 2, Mercury goes direct and is exalted in Virgo. Time to be efficient, organize your office and life before Mercury gets combust in about 2 weeks.

· October 8, Pluto turns direct in Capricorn at 2 degrees. This sets off the manipulative tactics and plans at the governmental and financial level. But also, this gives us a chance to discover the truth about the many hidden agendas at top levels.

· October 15, Mars enters Gemini until November 13. It remains in the first degree in the fixed Vedic star called Mrigashira. This is “The Searching Star”. Here Mars will focus its energy on searching for answers. Mars is impatient in this sign, and communication is usually blunt, be aware of this.

· October 17, Sun enters its debilitation sign, Libra. Joins Ketu until November 16. Negative past life Karma will affect the leaders of the world and the government. The Sun here usually compromises its light, be aware of this within yourself and within your life.

· October 18, Mercury gets combust through the end of October, and even in November while in Libra. Caution in communication is advised, watch out for arrogant speech. Pay attention to your health, speech and contracts.

· October 23, Saturn stations direct in Capricorn at 24 degrees. Saturn ends its retrograde motion by first stationing (stopping), before moving forward again. This is the time to implement what we have integrated during its retrograde phase and to move forward in life and execute our plans for our future.

· October 25, the partial Solar Eclipse occurs with Ketu and is conjunct eclipsed Venus in Libra at 8 degrees. It mainly deals with relationships, harmony, and balance, and especially the past (Ketu). But also finance. Valuable contracts may end in your life and in the world in general, justice will be served for some world leaders. It is a time for healing and for being honest in relationships of all sorts, marriage, business partners, etc. As always eclipses have the power to turn our lives upside down but also to shake up the earth causing earth changes such as earthquakes.

· October 30, Mars goes Retrograde in Gemini at 1 degree of Mrigashira. It retrogrades back in Taurus on November 13. Stays Retrograde until January 12, 2023. And remains in Taurus until March 12, 2023. This is a time of serious financial crises, anger, war, and troubles in the food supply. Prepare yourselves, but again try to avoid fear as much as possible. All of this is created and planned to cause chaos and especially fear in the population around the world, it is called “Order out of Chaos”. Fear is a very low vibrational frequency, which feeds specific dark entities who don’t have our best interest. The more we fear, the more they attach themselves to us and to our lower chakras (the solar, sacral and root chakras). Keep this in mind.


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