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October 2020 – Unexpected event, anger escalating

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Unfortunately, October won’t be any better for us and the world. It may potentially be a pretty bad month with a big unwanted surprise.

Mercury will go retrograde in Libra on the 14th of October until November 3rd, causing big communication issues (since Mars is still retrograde, and will be for a good while, this will add fuel to miscommunication). Miscommunication and mistakes in contracts are highly possible during this time, mistakes that can change our lives around in big ways. Holding off on making or signing contracts is a good idea. Sometimes this is not possible, so be sure there are no mistakes and that this is the right decision.

There may be a communication disruption or an abrupt unexpected communication/message/announcement for the world on October 19 when Mercury Retrograde will be exactly opposite Retrograde Uranus in Aries, and while Mars will be squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius.

** This most probably will involve some new and never seen before decision made involving politics or some new unexpected governmental restriction or decision.

I believe we may all be shocked by this event or news, some people may even be enraged. It may be some live worldwide announcement about something never heard of before. Uranus rules new and unexpected things, since it is retrograde, it is particularly and doubly more powerful to manifest all the things which it rules.

Mars has been retrograde since early September, it will remain retrograde up to November 14, bringing up violence and anger issues to the surface.

If you are a pretty conscious person, willing to work on your anger issues, then this is the right opportunity for you because we will all be tested this month.

Past anger issues will be emerging.

Having both Mercury and Mars retrograde for a good while, only makes things a little more difficult for the month of October, Mercury being the planet of communication and Mars being the planet of anger, war, violence, and selfishness, we can only imagine how heated this month will be.

Of course, I am speaking about the lower vibrations of these planets because lets face it, the world is at a very low vibrational energy at the moment, and it is all part of the plan and process for the future elevation of its energy.

Let’s keep in mind that nothing is in vain or happening “to” us, but instead everything is always happening FOR us, for our higher good and for the higher good of the world at large, even if we cant see it at the moment.

Watch out, let us all think twice before telling someone off or making rash decisions that we might regret later. All the astrological ingredients are conducive to such drastic behaviors resulting in drastic life changes. Retrograde planets are stronger, yet this is the time to lean back, plan carefully and think things through and through.


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