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New Moon in Virgo 8 degrees Uttara Phalguni

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The new Moon takes place in sidereal Virgo, at 8 degrees of Uttara Phalguni lunar mansion, on September 25, around 5:55 pm, EST. (Uttara Phalguni is found between 26 degrees and 40 minutes of Sidereal Leo and 10 degrees of Sidereal Virgo).

Uttara Phalguni is a beautiful star that deals with humanitarianism, righteousness, profound perception, and healing, especially of the soul. It’s ruled by the honorable Aryaman, God of friendship, contracts, and especially the union of marriage. In fact, this is the marriage star of Surya and Soma, or Shiva and Parvati, which are the two inseparable forces of nature and the universe, found within man and in all spheres of life. There is no Shiva without Shakti, and vice versa.

Hence, on a deeper level this new moon deals with the healing of the masculine and feminine principles in all its forms, and the healing of relationships including marriage. As well as being of help to others, and even forming new friendships with likeminded individuals.

It's interesting that although Shiva and Sati were destined to marry, her father did not accept Shiva. This resulted in Sati’s infuriating rage, and ultimately her death by suicide. She threw herself into the sacrificial fire of her father, leaving Shiva completely broken and in grief for thousands of years, until Sati reincarnated in the form of Parvati and they united in marriage, under Uttara Phalguni lunar mansion. This is a very interesting and significant story that I recommend you read up on during this new moon cycle.

Also, explore the role of shiva and shakti in our universe and in our modern society. Look at these energies within yourself as well. The masculine and feminine energies and roles have been under attack for a while now, and this is the biggest issue that needs healing in our modern world my opinion. These energies have been deeply injured and in need of serious restoration.

Also, the 9 nights of Navaratri coincides with this New Moon. It begins on September 26 to October 5. During this time 9 Goddesses are revered and celebrated each night. This is a time to honor the divine Mother and Goddess energy.

New Moon’s are new beginnings where we have new opportunities for growth and healing. Examine on your feminine energy, and find ways that your masculine energy can help heal the feminine within you.


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