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New Moon in Taurus 05/19/'23

The new Moon takes place in sidereal Taurus, at 4 degrees of Krittika nakshatra, the star of fire! Ruled by Agni the god of the sacred fire symbolizing the flames of purification and transformation. Krittika means “cutting”, its symbol is a sharp tool or razorblade making this an ideal time for cutting away negativity. The time of the new moon is 11:52 am Eastern Standard Time, on May 19.

Strong will and determination are found in this Vedic star, so go ahead and tackle whatever you’ve been putting off for so long. We now have the necessary push to work towards our goals, to improve ourselves & our environment.

Leading up to the new moon, you can light up a candle, an incense, or start a small safe fire, in the honor of Agni, meditating, praying, or whatever feels right for you.

Krittika creates clarity and sharpness of mind, we may see things under a new light now, we may see new possibilities and opportunities.

This is quite a passionate star, beware of aggressive behavior and anger, especially with Mars in its debilitated sign now, cancer.

Venus is in Ardra during this time, which is quite the rebellious star dealing with storms and sadness, its dispositor Mercury is no longer retrograde, yet is it very close to Rahu and Uranus, creating unexpected situations in how we communicate, social media and the internet, lots of unforseen events here. Ardra gives us clarity after the storm has passed and requires us to make important efforts that will result in great rewards. This may be a time of financial issues for some of you, this is temporary, Agi is giving you the push to move forward and find creative ways to improve this part of your life.


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