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New Moon in Scorpio

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The New Moon is occurring in Scorpio at 7 degrees of Anuradha, conjunct combust Venus and Mercury, on November 23rd. Whatever the New Moon indicates will be the energy of the new month ahead (from new moon to new moon), a new cycle begins.

The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio where is it overwhelmed by deep emotion and inner conflict. On top of that when the moon is conjunct multiple planets in transit or in natal charts, it loses its peace of mind.

Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, is opposite in Taurus and Retrograde adding elements of anger and frustration. This is an important cycle of deep introspection and self-inquiry (inner awareness) that can lead to important healing as Jupiter in Pisces is casting its 9th aspect to this new moon, adding components of growth, forgiveness, and self-love. It is only when we love ourselves that we are capable of loving others. With Venus and Mercury combust, the ego can damage relationships, if we aren’t self-aware, or if we don’t take responsibilities for our actions.

The positive aspects of this challenging new moon are only available if we make conscious effort.

It can bring important spiritual growth only if we don’t cloud it with the lower ego and pride.

Anuradha is a beautiful Vedic star that deals with good-will, altruism, friendship, and kindness, which is the basis of healthy relationships. This part of our lives may need healing and deeper insight or comprehension.

Mitra is the deity of this Vedic star, he has a pure mind, without aggression, violence, or resentment, and is a god of benevolence and generosity until things get rough.

Mitra does abandon all these noble qualities when “the going gets tough” and becomes quite selfish and insufferable. There is without a doubt a very stubborn streak in Anuradha since this placement is opposite the sign of the bull, Taurus. Bitterness and an unwillingness to forgive are strong Scorpionic qualities. And this ugly side of Mitra is the challenge for the month ahead.

Focusing on the positive trine to the new moon of expansiveness, spirituality, oneness, and forgiveness of Jupiter in Pisces is key. On this new moon day Jupiter is powerful as it is stationing direct giving opportunity for blessings and immense growth. More on this shortly.


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