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New Moon in Sagittarius, 7 degrees Mula

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The new moon takes place on December 23, aroun 5:17 am in sidereal Sagittarius, near the galactic center, in the lunar mansion called Mula at 7 degrees, ruled by Nirriti or Kali, often referred to as the Goddess of destruction.

In fact, Kali represents the sacrifices we must make to grow in consciousness, to evolve internally, and unify with time itself, as kali is the feminine Sanskrit word for time. Time is precious and sacred, as time is life itself, pure consciousness, it is what we are made of. With time we develop in our mother’s womb, we are birthed into the world, we grow, we mature, we get older, we decay, we pass away, and we unite with the eternal, which is kali itself. We are eternal beings. We were eternal before coming to earth, while we are on earth, and after we leave the earth. This realization is vital in our spiritual development.

When we hear that Kali represents destruction, what is meant is the destruction of everything that keeps us from the truth, from the eternal, from unity and oneness. The destruction of ignorance itself. The destruction of the many lies of the world and maya.

Individuals with the Moon or any other planet in Mula, will usually encounter significant obstacles in life and challenges. These challenges are immense opportunities for the destruction of inner ignorance and separateness. This is what this new moon/month is about, the process of inner expansion and the shedding away of lies, which isn’t for everyone. Hence renewal and transformation are available.

Kali is said to be located in the heart chakra, and as such it becomes vital to cultivate this chakra as doing so contributes to the destruction of ignorance, evil and illusion.

An important aspect of Mula is digging up buried truths.

Mula ruled by Ketu shows the necessary detachment for progress, while Jupiter depicts higher wisdom and divine truth.

In the material world, this new moon could very well imply the crumbling of something or the destruction of something tangible like a monument or a building of some sort. Mula usually generates physical catastrophic events in the world.


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