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New Moon in Pisces Yearly Chart

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This new Moon is quite special as it symbolizes the Vedic New Year ahead. The Sun is finishing its cycle around the zodiac while in Pisces and the Moon joins it to create the New Moon. This chart is used to predict the trends for the year to come, whether economical, societal, global and even personal.

The New Moon occurs on March 21 at 1:23 pm EST in Pisces at 6 degrees of UttaraBhadrapada and is conjunct Neptune, debilitated + combust Mercury, and Jupiter which is the ruler of Pisces.

You may be feeling like it’s time to let go of the past, of habits that are no longer serving you, of people who may not merit a place in your life, etc. This is because Pisces signifies the completion of a cycle, endings and transitions, as well as new journeys ahead. Letting go of the past is a crucial step if we want to welcome in the new. We now have the possibility to heal deeply and do the necessary inner work if we have blockages. Uttara Bhadrapada deals with the embodiment of new life or the embodiment of the soul (atma). Powerful new energy or life force is ready to take place in our lives.

The Vedic star Uttara Bhadrapada is such a profound one, referred to as the Serpent of the deep ocean or sea. The deity associated is called Ahir-Budhya, which means Serpent of the Bottom (like the coiled serpent or kundalini energy at the bottom of our spine or in the Mooladhara or Root chakra). It is also called the Warrior Star, belonging to the Rudras, the gods of storms. The Rudras are penetrating forces of light, they destroy darkness and illusion and reveal truth, which is a huge component for this new year. Uttara Bhadrapada deals with massive rainfalls and floods, so this is something we can expect as well.

Compassion and seeing beyond the surface of this material and physical world are all elements of this Star, it helps us realize that all is a manifestation of the unseen world or spiritual realm.

With Neptune closely conjunct the New Moon there can be both confusion and a deep need to connect to God or the divine. Once again, healing is a big theme.

The dispositor Jupiter is in Revati which is more evidence for big transitions, endings and new beginnings. This could mean phsyical endings, such as death, as Uttara Bhadrapada's symbol is the two back legs of the funeral cot.

Venus is between Rahu and Uranus in Aries, as I mentioned in a previous post this indicates transport problems either with aviation, cars, or any other means of transport.

Mercury is debilitated in UttaraBhadrapada because these two energies are utter opposites Mercury is the rational and logical mind of man dealing with the intellect, while Uttara Bhadrapada is entrenched in the emotional body and operates purely on intuition. This is a big indicator for the year ahead. We need to listen to our emotional body and really purge what is no longer necessary if we want to embark on a new journey free from the bonds of the past.

Mars is making a square to the new moon creating tension and confusion, and especially a breaking point with the revelation of truth and uncovering of lies.

Saturn is making a trine to Mars which is great for accomplishments, building solid foundations, unity, standing up for human rights, and healing as Saturn is in Shatabishak, new healing modalities will be revealed also because Venus and Rahu are in Ashwini, conjunct Uranus.

Here is the New Moon Chart for you to look at.


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