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New Moon in Leo (August 27, 2022)

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The New Moon occurs on August 27, at 9 degrees of Magha nakshatra, around 4:13 am EST. It is squared by Mars, which is exactly at 9 degrees Taurus, in Krittika lunar mansion. Krittika deals with knifes and weapons, its deity Agni is the lord of fire. This adds fiery and conflicting energy to the new moon. Squares are hard aspects that are unnatural and create tension or friction.

Taurus ruled Venus, is the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which governs wealth/finance/stock market, food supply, and our fundamental values, as well as family, while the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun that governs the 5th house of intelligence, counsel, influential or authoritative figures such as governmental, and good karma. Hence these areas of life will clash during this new moon cycle.

Magha’s symbol is a royal throne or throne-room; hence, it is a kingly and regal lunar mansion. It represents prominence, nobility, and especially our ancestors. Ruled by Ketu, it denotes the past (including past lives), endings, death and letting go, as well as a deep spiritual connection with our lineage.

This is the perfect time to acknowledge our ancestors and honor them in any way. Choosing our battles will be a theme for this new month cycle, as a fighting spirit is well indicated.

Important to note that Venus at 24 degrees of Cancer (ruler of Taurus) is being exactly squared by Uranus Retrograde creating financial instability especially, and all-around changes in the matters of Taurus. Venus is also opposed Saturn Retrograde, adding significant stress in the areas of the 2nd house as mentioned above and security as well (cancer = 4th house of security).


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