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New Moon in Capricorn 02/9/2024


The new Moon occurs in Capricorn at 26 degrees of Dhanistha, around 6pm EST. It is conjunct Mercury, Pluto, and Mars, affecting and impacting the governments and leaders of the world.


New Moons indicate new beginnings. This new cycle is full of drive & determination, but not without any surprises or disruptions, as Uranus in Aries (25 degrees of Bharani), squares the new Moon within 1 degree! An unexpected challenge or attack could be on the horizon for the world.


On a personal level, there may be an unexpected challenge that we’ll need to overcome, which will make us stronger and wiser. Nonetheless, now is the time to make our goals a tangible reality and to move forward confidently.


Dhanistha means prosperous and wealthy, its symbol is both a diamond and Shiva’s damaru (musical drum), symbolizing a time of universal transformation, including destruction and creation. It also relates to time or timing and holds karmic repercussions.


Dhanishta is ruled by the eight solar gods, the Vasus, pertaining to light and perception. These solar gods work on the material plane and give abundance, fame, and success, but also deep insight. This is a powerful time of manifestation for Aries ascendants especially, again not without any curve ball. Look to see if you have any planets near 26 degrees of Capricorn.

This is a wonderful new cycle to listen to more music, play an instrument or even take up dancing classes.


Mars is getting ready to conjunct Pluto on February13/14 at 6 degrees and 34 minutes. This is a conjunction of fierce will power and profound investigative ability. On the negative side, this causes ego battles, as well as outbursts of anger, violence, and attacks.


Mars will get close to its exaltation degree (28 degrees of Dhanishta) in March. This is when we’ll have a heightened level of endurance and courage.


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