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New Moon in Cancer – July 28, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The New Moon takes place in sidereal Cancer at 11 degrees of Pushya, on July 28 at 1:55 pm EST, which is the same day that Jupiter goes retrograde in Pisces. This new moon is all about emotional security, nourishment, especially spiritual nourishment, and gaining divine wisdom.

There is a lot going on with this new moon, firstly it is conjunct a combust Mercury, so there are some important issues here with communication, health, and money. Also, Saturn Retrograde is in the opposite sign of Capricorn adding some important karma to deal with and pressure at the governmental and financial sector. Pluto retrograde is also opposite the new moon, which implies some deep covert manipulation tactics to come, yet implying the inevitable need for major transformation, death and rebirth. With Pluto retrograde in the sign of the Govern-Ment, lots of secrets will be uncovered.

Mars and Uranus are making a square to the new moon adding some frustration, aggression, and major unexpected shifts around the world. All the while, Jupiter is making a trine to the new moon, emphasizing the need for self-care, nourishing ourselves at every level and nourishing others as well emotionally. Donating food to the homeless or families in need is a good idea during this new moon cycle (and always).

Pushya means nourishment, and its symbol is the cows udder. The deity is Brihaspati who is the lord of sacred speech, this is a great time to start practicing mantras or learning about them and strengthening our energetic field and aura. This is super super important. All the chaos and fear going on in this world, has one aim only and that is lowering our frequency, disturbing our consciousness, stealing and attacking our energy. This is important to recognize.

Hence this new moon is a call to nourish ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. Starting a spiritual practice for protection is a good idea. One good and safe mantra you can start with now is RAM. This will dispel negative energies. Pushya deals with the occult sciences, astrology, numerology (gematria), and other types of esoteric teachings. Above all, pushya gives divine knowledge and wisdom to serious students and seekers.

The sign of Cancer and the 4th house deals with the emotional realm, and emotional security, it is often described as our mother’s nourishment, did we feel nurtured, and loved as a child, or was our emotional security threatened? We can see all of this from the 4th house in our chart and from our Moon and 4th ruler. Above all the 4th house (like all water houses) is a Moksha house, where we seek spiritual liberation, guidance and divine wisdom especially in Pushya. This is a time for that. Things will get more chaotic in the next weeks, months and years as well, but if we are strong within ourselves and gain “spiritual” eyes, we can better navigate the outer chaos.


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