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Mercury Retrograde and Combust in Virgo September 9th to October 2, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mercury stations retrograde at 14 degrees on September 9th, in its sign of exaltation where it is powerful and especially efficient. It then stations direct at 0 degrees on October 2nd. This is a good time for clearing energy and healing. Virgo is the sign of the healer, organization, the intellect, problem solving, discernment, as well as our diet and daily routine. Take advantage of this time to clean your space and include more nutrients or ojas into your diet. Whatever we do, this is a time to improve our life in some way or another. This is a period of contemplation and integration of what we have learned thus far through our experiences.

Mercury is being opposed by benefic Jupiter Retrograde, which is also in its own house and sign, in Pisces. This gives beautiful expansion to the mind and intellect, and opportunity for personal and spiritual advancement. Vital truths and information may arise in our personal lives and in the world.

For those ruled by Mercury (Virgo’s and Gemini’s, Ascendant or Moon), you will feel uplifted and inspired during this transit (except during its combustion - more on this later in this article). Take heed of the spiritual messages that will come through and maybe take the time to write them down. This is an encouraging aspect for all. There will be a bigger focus and interest in holistic and alternative modes of healing, and in all sorts of spiritual matters.

The exact oppositions will occur three times: September 2nd at 12 degrees, September 18th at 10 degrees, and October 11th at 7 degrees. These are “lucky” days, and beautiful days for spiritual practices, mantras especially, yoga, meditation, etc. Or just exchanging about these subjects with others. Its an especially powerful time to study astrology, and other metaphysical subjects.

Mercury is Retrograde in Hasta until September 19. Hasta’s symbol is the hand, which relates to Savitur’s golden hand, which symbolizes skills and talents related to the hands, which bring about gains. Hasta also symbolizes healing abilities, such as reiki. It is ruled by the Moon, which is said to be the father of Mercury, making this period a very contemplative one.

Then Mercury Retrograde enters the portion of the sky called UttaraPhalguni from September 19 to the end of its Retrograde phase October 2. UttaPhalguni deals with healing energy as well. Ruled by the other luminary, the Sun, and its deity Aryman, it is a highly spiritual lunar mansion. It also deals with friendship, helping others, humanitarian causes, and especially marriage and “match making”. (Mercury stays in UttaraPhalguni until October 13).

When Mercury is retrograde, especially in its exaltation sign, we usually experience deeper and clearer perception. However, our way of thinking and processing things changes and becomes more out of the norm. Mercury is speeding fast in Virgo and so will our mental activity. So caution is advised with comunication especially when Mercury Retro becomes Combust.

With almost every single planet retrograde in our cosmos right now, this isn’t the time to be in a rush. Retrogrades are about internalized energy. We must integrate all the things that we have experienced thus far, and plan or prepare for when planets move in forward motion. This doesn't mean our lives need to stop, but it does mean we need to slow down and pay special attention to out inner world.

All retrograde planets bring up issues from the past that need to be resolved, hence this is the time to correct mistakes of all sorts and making sure your computers and phones are up to date, double checking important spelling mistakes or numbers on your cheques. Making sure your doctor gave you the correct blood test results and not someone else’s! The days that Mercury stations is when we need to be extra careful. I would not sign any contracts at that time. Mercury remains in Virgo until October 26.

The Sun joins Mercury on September16 to October 17 (happy birth-day Virgo's), and this is when things can get a little complicated because Mercury will not only be Retrograde but also Combust. Mercury will remain combust in Virgo until the 27. (Although, the combustion continues in Libra)

Combustion is when the Sun is too close to any planet, it litteraly makes these planets invisible, and in turn their qualities are diminished, becoming less potent and more problematic. The most difficult dates are between the 21 and the 23 of September. This is not a good time for any signing of contracts. We should take care of our thoughts and health. Communication will be troublesone on and around these dates.

Mercury remains in Virgo from October 2 to the 26, this is when Mercury will find its strenght again. This is a period of health and healing, cleaning and clearing, organizing and efficiency, clear communication and thinking.


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