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Mars/Uranus/Rahu Conjunction in Aries 24 degrees Bharani lunar mansion

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This is a rare and pretty significant triple conjunction for the weeks and months ahead, where sudden events are indicated, an increase of fire, heat, violence, war, sudden endings and deaths, significant innovations, sudden awakenings, and abrupt change will take place at many levels worldwide. Mars is the planet of energy, action, war, while Uranus is the planet of revolution, innovation, disruption, originality, and breaking tradition. Rahu is a hungry shadow planet that craves materialism, and power, it amplifies both the unpredictability of Uranus and the aggression of Mars.

Unforeseen left-field circumstances are sure to take place, which is why we need to ground ourselves even more right now.

On the positive side, this triple conjunction indicates fearlessness and courage, it can give us the needed push to achieve or start implementing our goals. It implies an important change of direction, and a strong desire for newness. This can help us break free in a variety of ways and wbreak free from old patterns and ways of thinking that aren’t healthy. It can give a dare-devil energy or attitude, caution is advised.

This is all happening in the creative and artistic lunar mansion called Bharani, which deals with birthing something new, i.e. originality & individuality. Its symbol is the yoni, which can imply a painful birthing process. Bharani’s ruler being Venus, while Mars, Uranus, Rahu are transiting here does imply conflict, but also passion and powerful inspiration.

Bharani means “she who bears”, which means the power to endure, even nurture, and sustain, just like a pregnant woman who is bearing (carrying) a child, she needs moderation, sacrifice & self-discipline.

The deity associated with Bharani is Yama, the lord of death, who represents the soul of man. He is the one who accompanies or escorts the soul after death, and as such is responsible for determining the fate of man’s soul.

Good judgement and discrimination are qualities of Bharani, as well as truthfulness and desiring justice. These qualities are themes for this triple conjunction, so we can say that being true to ourselves is of upmost importance right now. If you have not done so, so far, this is a good time to start being candid with yourself and not be afraid to be yourself.

We may be rethinking our life right now, or we may be wondering about life after death as well, and about what really matters in life, all these subjects relate to Bharani, as well as Jupiter retrograde in the “Serpent of the deep” lunar mansion, UttaraBhadrapada (more on this retrograde very soon).

This triple conjunction may be a call for boldness, for expressing our individuality freely, for experiencing the beauty of life, and to be true to our heart. Letting go is a huge them as well, as change is the only constant in life, and especially with this conjunction. Caution is advised as fiery arguments are indicated.


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