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Mars Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus – October 30 to January 12, 2023

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This Mars retrograde is potent as it is occurring between eclipses, which is an intense time of life changing events and revelations.

Mars turns Retrograde on October 30th in Gemini, at 1 degree of Mrigashira, and then will retrograde back in Taurus on November 13, where it remains retrograde until January 12.

When a planet is retrograde it is closer to the earth, this means its energy is considerably felt on earth and within man.

Mars mainly deals with heat, passion, war (weapons), anger, sexual energy, impulsivity, sudden deaths and more. Positively it is full of drive, youthfulness, courage, and independence.

When retrograde, all these things get amplified within us, which can be a challenge to handle. Anger or even rage can burst out of nowhere during this time, especially if we have repressed this energy long enough. On the flip side this can be a time of healing work and examining the true source of our anger.

Mars retrograde in Gemini can produce internet or social media addiction for sure. It is also prone to impatience and disruption in communication, such as hostile and one-sided communication. Issues with technology including the internet, cell phones, and computers, as well as social media can become the source of interruptions or challenges like cyber hacking. Mercury is combust until December 3, hence it is significantly weakened. Retrograde Mars in Gemini carries important respiratory risks and infections.

On November 13, Mars retrogrades back into Taurus, which is the sign of finance/wealth, our values, the food we consume and the food supply. There will be major issues with all these areas, prices will continue to rise globally. In Taurus, we have the Mars/Venus energy, which is challenging and war-like. This is the time when things can become increasingly heated up in Russia, Ukraine, and globally as well. In addition, Venus is combust until November 30th. Our values will be challenged greatly. It’ll be important to make sure our money is safe if necessary. This isn’t the time to gamble, invest or spend unnecessarily. Food prices will continue to rise and this amongst all the other things I’ve mentioned will cause serious anger around the world.

Between December 22 and the 31st , Mars will be exactly opposite the star Antares in Scorpio (which is between 15 and 16 degrees of sidereal Scorpio), which is a star that often deals with war and aggression especially if Mars is involved. There can also be severe weather disturbances around this time.

Normally Mars retrograde increases inflammation in the body, hence an anti-inflammatory diet is advised.

Mars remains in Taurus until until March 12, 2023.

Mars will again be between 15 and 16 degrees on January 26 until 31st.


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