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Mars in Pisces Predictions 4/22 to 6/1 

Mars in Pisces from April 22 to June 1.


This is an important transit because wherever Mars goes, energy flows. Mars is the planet of action, willpower, war, passion, and violence. Mars in the water sign of Pisces generates underwater disturbances, tsunamis, excess rainfall, floods, and general “natural” disasters, etc. Normally Mars in Pisces is more passive, acting in covert and secretive ways rather than overtly.


This transit however is more action packed and chaotic than usual for a few reasons; firstly, Mars is joining Rahu, which amplifies determination, suppressed anger, and heightens the violent streak of Mars. Secondly, Mars will cross over the degree of the last solar eclipse we just had on April 8, which is indicative of more darkness, attacks, and viciousness to come for the world. Lastly, Mars will be in the overwhelming gandanta region in the zodiac while being close to Rahu, generating intensity and chaotic energy. Floodings, fires, and explosions are more likely. This is an intense and karmic time for humanity. Another interesting point is the Parivartan Yoga between Jupiter and Mars, from April 22 to May 1. This increases the potency of both planets. (Jupiter is in Aries, ruled by Mars, while Mars is in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter). It makes Mars more driven and determined than usual in Pisces.


Mars in Pisces is all about secret enemies to watch out for. There will be a considerate amount of covert operations going on. We will start seeing the fruit of these secret operations once Mars enters its own sign in Aries on June 1, where Mars is straightforward and overt.  


Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac, deals with endings, completions, and death, while Mars rules premature and sudden death. Pisces rules spirituality and the astral world, this is a great time to learn more about these subjects, and to turn to God or the divine for guidance and help, as Mars in Pisces brings up a lot of subconscious issues to the forefront for us personally and for the entire world. Here are some important dates:


  • Mars conjunct Neptune on April 29, at 4 degrees and 40 minutes in Uttara Bhadrapada. Big covert operations are in the plans, lies and deception are on the horizon. We are not told the truth about what’s going on, especially with the Israel and Iran conflict. Nor with Russia and Ukraine. Not a good day to start anything new. Neptune rules liquids of all sorts, including gasoline. Attacks on the waters/seas/oceans are possible.  

  • May 19-20 Mars conjunct Rahu at 20 degrees and 44 minutes. The qualities of Mars are amplified. Anger, impulsivity, premature actions, explosions, and attacks are activated by this conjunction. Try avoiding conflicts as best you can during this time.

  • May 25 or 26 (depending on your location in the world), Mars conjuncts the last eclipse degree at 25 degrees and 12 minutes. This activates the dark energy of the eclipse, generating viciousness and low vibration and frequency in the world. Don’t start anything new on this gloomy day. Attacks, violence, explosions, are indicated.

  • Mars is in the most intense gandanta degrees from May 30 to June 2, between 29 degrees of Pisces and 1 degree of Aries. Weather disturbances, floods and drownings are likely. This isn’t an auspicious or lucky time. Avoid starting anything new. Should you have planets here, keep things simple in your life, avoiding conflict and travel. Calming your mind will be helpful via meditation, or walks in nature for example. Mars in Pisces loves walking and hiking. The gantanta transits normally accelerate spiritual evolution.  



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