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Mars enters Virgo August 18

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Mars in Vrigo transit vedic astrology

Mars enters the sign of the healer, organiser, and problem solver, Virgo, on August 18 to October 3rd.

Virgo is the 6th house of the natural zodiac, a dusthana house, while Mars is a malefic, this combination does quite well generally speaking.

Mars in Virgo has the power to defeat its open enemies head on and get straight to the root of problems. This is the time to get healthy, better our diet, get organized on all levels of life, and take care of any debt that we may have. The 6th house deals with all the little hassles of daily life, thankfully Mars in Virgo is highly efficient, and intelligent.

There are some downsides to this transit, mainly because Mars is a fiery planet that is conducive to infections, and other health issues, including accidents, which Virgo rules.

Even if Mars in the 6th gives us the power to overcome any obstacles, we need to pay attention to our health right now nonetheless.

One downside includes the Mars quincunx Saturn at 9 degrees of Shatabisha on September 1. Shatabisha is the Vedic star of the one hundred healers hence the focus will be on heath, or a health scare most likely concerning the new virus going around in the world. The quincunx or the inconjunction is a 6/8 aspect (or 150-degree aspect) that involves the 6th house, as I’ve mentioned relates to health and accidents, while the 8th house relates to sudden reversals, transformation, and crisis’s. Things may take a turn and cause some fear. I would not buy into this fear personally speaking.

Mars will be involved in another quincunx, however with Jupiter this time, on September 19, at 21 degrees. Jupiter will be in Bharani nakshatra which deals with death, karma, justice and rebirth, while Mars in Hasta, ruled by Savitur (one of the many aspects of the Sun), can deal with political figures or leaders. Again the 6/8 aspect deals with accidents, danger, illness and just misfortune.

For the duration of this transit I would say focus on the positives, focus on being efficient in your daily life, routine and in your career or job, with a focus on improving your health if necessary, this includes the thoughts that occupy our mind.


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