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Libra Full Moon 4/23/2024

The full Moon takes place in Libra on April 23, at 10 degrees of Swati, while the Sun is in its exaltation degree in the opposite sign of Aries, in Ashwini.

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Uranus, illuminating the mind, and bringing a great deal of awareness and awakening to the full Moon energy.


The Swati-Ashwini axis deals with prana, life force, and rapid or quick change. This implies fastmoving activity and transformation ahead of us, and indicates a need for adaptability.


Swati is ruled by Rahu, the head of the demon/snake while Ashwini by Ketu, the tale of the snake, together they are strong karmic forces that create situations and circumstances that are out of our control, or predestined. You may feel this intensity in the air.


The ruler of Libra, Venus, sits in its exaltation sign of Pisces, but is at the critical 29 degree gandanta, which implies intensity and instability, as well as endings and completions. This is a time of clearing and releasing bad energy or whatever isn’t in alignment with our true self.

In terms of the Libra energy, this implies the sudden termination of various contracts and agreements, but also the end of personal relationships or the end of certain chapters in life.  

Libra rules law and justice, agreements/contracts, relationships. Things could rapidly advance in terms of legal matters regarding the governments and leaders.


Full Moon’s bring clarity and light to our consciousness, this full Moon gives way to rapid transformations so be ready. This is a time of letting go and releasing.


Rahu and Mercury Retrograde are conjunct at 21 degrees in Pisces on this day, generating obsessive thinking, beware of what you say and how you communicate as you could exaggerate, as Rahu amplifies and exaggerates any planet it sits with. Try to calm your mind if you are ruled by Mercury (Moon or Ascendant in Gemini or Virgo), don’t overstimulate it with information or internet time. Take a good break from that and take deep relaxing breaths, as the full Moon energy is surrounding the breath of life, or prana.


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