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Mars in Aquarius March 15 to April 14

Mars enters Aquarius on March 15 joining Saturn until April 14.


Saturn conjunct Mars is really a test in patience as mentioned in my March highlights.

Saturn is the planet of hard work, karma, setbacks, limitations, and slowing down, while Mars is the planet of action, forward motion, will power, and aggression. This combination creates a lot of frustration as Saturn limits and puts the breaks on Mars. Saturn will slow down Mars, and Mars will get angry or explode! This scenario can manifest in a multitude of ways in our lives and in the world. For example, we can expect some restrictions or censorship of some sort, especially as it relates to us, the people, because Aquarius is the sign of the people and humanity at large. Mars rules war, the military, explosions accidents, and fires. All these things are usually generated by the energy of anger & hatred.

Saturn and Mars when conjunct create the Yama Yoga, which deals with karma and death as Yama is the deity of death (endings), but also the deity of dharma, and doing the right thing. And so doing the right thing or upholding our obligations & responsibilities during this transit of Mars will be highly important.


Both Saturn and Mars deal with timing, and so timing is simply off during this period. The closer Mars gets to Saturn, the more issues we may experience in terms of setbacks & hinderances.

Things will not move as fast or as smoothly as we would like them to. Therefore, don’t be in a rush.


The exact conjunction happens on April 10, at 20 degrees of Purva Bhadrapada, which is an intense lunar mansion. This day and the few days prior are inauspicious for new ventures, as major obstructions and frustrations will be the outcome. This energy is conducive to accidents so be careful around this date, especially if you’re a sidereal Virgo ascendant. Things can abruptly come to an end around this time.


Mars Saturn conjunction happens every 2 years. The last time was on April 5, 2022, in Capricorn at 28 degrees of Dhanishta. A few things happened around that time, such as on April 6, 2022, Washington imposes a sanction on Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters, cutting all of Putin’s close family members off from the U.S. financial system and freezing any assets they hold in the United States. Also on April 7, the United Nations General Assembly voted to suspend Russia form the UN’s Human Rights Council.

On April 10, Canada adds new sanctions to Russia, applying restrictions on 33 entities in the Russian defense sector. These are all clear examples of the limiting and suppressing effects of Saturn conjunct Mars.

When Saturn conjunct Mars energy is mastered, we can achieve great things in life, but never without patience, perseverance and various setbacks along the way.

We are currently in the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde, which can make things even more complicated and messy. More on this on my next post.


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