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Mars enters Taurus August 10, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mars enters the sign of Taurus from August 10 to October 15.

Then it enters Gemini on October 15 and retrogrades on October 30 at 1 degree, Mrigasira. It retrogrades back into Taurus on November 13, where it remains retrograde until January 12, 2023. Mars remains in Taurus until March 12, 2023. Hence, this is quite a long stay in a sign that is not comfortable for fiery Mars.

Mars is the planet of war, anger and action, while Taurus is the second house of the natural zodiac, which deals with wealth, the financial world, the stock market, food supply, and our personal values. Mars just doesn’t do well in this sign ruled by Venus, a non-friend.

All these areas of life will be problematic during this transit and especially during Mars’ retrograde. We can expect serious financial issues, as well as anger and conflict while in this stubborn sign, especially while in Rohini and Mrigasira.

This anger can explode from December 25 to the 31st when Mars retrograde is opposite Antares, the star of war and dark energy. Caution is advised. At the same time, Antares deals with manifestation, so it could be used for that purpose, make sure that your manifestation is for the good of all.

Mars retrograde can stir up a lot of anger and rage. Be careful how your energy is being channelled during this time. Use it for safe physical activities, and investigations or research especially when in Mrigasira. Not a great time to spend a lot of money.

It will be important to keep an eye on Venus’ transits during this entire time. Things will become concerning once Venus is in Scorpio, opposite Mars, in November/December, and when conjunct Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in January 2023 for the economy. By September 24 Venus enters Virgo where it doesn’t do so well.

· Mars is in Krittika from August 10 to 27 (raw emotions, cutting, accidents, weapons)

· In Rohini from August 27 to September 23 (emotional time, sadness, crying. Mars is square Venus around September 16)

· In Mrigasira September 23 to December 4 (A time for searching for truth, ruled by Mars, extreme and intense energy)

· Rohini again December 4 to February 24

· Mrigasira again February 24 to March 12


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