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Mars enters Gemini May 7, joining Rahu. Push-pull, determination, and delays.

Updated: May 9, 2019

Mars, the planet of war, will be leaving Taurus and entering Gemini on May 7 joining Rahu until June 21, 2019. This conjunction can create abrupt, forceful energy, strong determination-impulse as well as excitability, playfulness and also the scattering of our energy.

Anytime planets join the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) it is highly karmic, it is a highly karmic time in history when we need to pay attention to those areas affected in our own chart, pay attention to the lessons, and figure out how to benefit from the higher traits of the planets involved. Mars is definitely not all bad, no malefic is all “bad”. Every planet is said to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu (God, the divine, etc..) to guide and teach us, and unfold our karma upon us, as well as to help us destroy the devil (our lower-self, our fears that keep us stuck).

Mars-Rahu is usually not an easy conjunction by itself, and it is even less easy at this present time because of two other powerful malefics, Ketu and Saturn (R), on the opposite end in Sagittarius. Not to mention that Mars is in an enemy sign (Gemini ruled by Mercury). It is not all bad but this year it can feel a little more volatile than usual, especially in June.

Mars in Gemini typically makes one talk a lot and be very bold in speech, arrogance is very common here especially conjoined Rahu, as well as lying.

This means that we need to be extra careful with our communication & projection during this time. Rahu will expand the traits of Mars, making it bolder, more aggressive, arrogant and selfish. This conjunction is more problematic as Mars moves closer to Rahu in degrees, starting June 7th, it will then be conducive to arguments, and all the negative or lower traits corresponding to Mars will be noticeable. Being aware of these energies changes things, which is the purpose of astrology.

Mars-Rahu will give us the strong desire and courage to move forward and pursue our personal interests but at the same time, there is a very real need to slow things down, this is due to Saturn being Retrograde on the opposite end in Sagittarius tightly conjunct Ketu, which is saying not so fast and asking us to re-examine our actions and beliefs because it is in the sign of beliefs and spirituality. This will cause some delays and a push-pull feeling. We will be forced to stop and review or rethink our course of action, this is frustrating for Mars, which likes to act first and think later, now he will be asked (or forced) to do the opposite of his nature.

This year is really about staying true to ourselves more than ever, doing everything for our higher good, this means facing and letting go of fears. We will need to clean our internal house, and close some chapters-books, which are no longer aiding us in our evolution. Whatever is destructive and of the ego will be brought to light more than ever this entire year.

Long held negative beliefs will change or will have to change, karma will catch up with us so we can be freed from a lot of blockages, everyone will be dealing with this in one way or another regardless of your Ascendant.

There will be a lot of deep self-retrospection throughout the majority of the year due to Saturn being retrograde until September 17 but this is not a usual retrograde Saturn phase at all, it is very tightly conjunct Ketu! It is all about karma this year. The past will come up and there is no avoiding it. (All planets are “karmic” of course, as is astrology in its entirety, but these two (Saturn and Ketu) are more challenging and can free us up from very deep seated blockages and strong holds, although the process may be unconfortable or hurt deeply.)

Adding Mars to the mix (right on the nodal axis) will only add a little more intensity and aggression for the next two months and two weeks. I think this will give us the courage to face whatever karmic issues will arise. Just be aware that it is not the time to pick a fight with anybody because it can escalate quickly. Going to a comedy show or watching it online will help a lot, going for walks and excercising will release some intense enrgy in the next thwo months and two weeks.

From May 7th to very early June, Mars in Gemini will be excitable, flirtatious, very curious about learning new things, and will want to accomplish a million things at once, he may even think he ehas all the tools necessary to accomplish some things when in reality he is in need of a lot more training, this is due to the obscurity and delusion of Rahu.

Keep in mind that how all of of this will effect you is entirely dependent on your own personal astrological factors. If you have prominent planets in Sagittarius and Gemini, this will affect you more, as well as Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants (both are ruled by Saturn).

Important dates:

June 2nd

Mercury enters it own house, joins Mars and Rahu, this will not be of much help however...issues with siblings may arise

June 13-14 has a lot of potential to be volatile as Mars will be exactly conjunct Rahu at 24 degrees, On the opposite end , also Ketu and Saturn Retrograde at 24 degrees. This is a lot of intense energy, a lot of rigidity, fiery tempers. Major explosions can happen around the world, maybe big fires as well.

Be prudent in all your actions, this is not the time to put your life in danger by doing extreme sports or activity. Be prudent i your driving as drivers may be a lot more short-tempered.

Travelling is not advised

June 16-17

Mercury tightly conjunct Mars, watch how you communicate with siblings and friends, potential conflict

June 21

Mars leaves Gemini, entering Cancer.


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