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Mars Enters Gemini

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mars enters Gemini on March 12 until May 10.

Mars in Gemini has tremendous courage and is dedicated to researching truth and acquiring a great deal of information. With Mars here, energy is spent on numerous short distance travel, excess mental activity, and excess usage of social media or the internet in general. Hence caution is advised so we do not burn ourselves mentally or physically. The nervous system can get affected during this time, especially when Mars goes in Ardra.

There can be issues with travel since Gemini deals with this area. Simultaneously Venus who represents vehicles and transportation in general just entered Mars ruled sign Aries, joining Uranus and Rahu, which indicates transport problems whether with planes, trains, or cars.

Venus will be squared by Pluto on March 16, this represents friction and challenge in relationships. With Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries break-ups are normally indicated, and whoever we may meet around this time may fascinate us but it wont last. We may want to suddenly break free from certain relationships as well. Venus is in Aries from March 11 to April 5th.

The transit of Mars in Gemini is “separated” in 3 parts as we find 3 Vedic stars in Sidereal Gemini, namely Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu.

Mars in Mrigashira relentlessly seeks for answers and truth, this is a great time for learning or taking any kind of course, or simply doing research. Mars is in Mrigashira until March 26. We may uncover some truth in our own personal lives as well. Mars has an unsatiable curiosity and a great adventurous spirit in Mrigashira, and is quiet the intellectual, who is well cultured.

Mars then enters Ardra on March 27 until April 21, this is when things can get chaotic or sad. There may be some violence or sadness in the world. This is a period when we may feel like shouting, crying or just getting angry at others, this is because the deity found here is Rudra “the howler”, the lord of the storms who represents crisis. Of course, the simple nature of Mars doesn’t help, being the planet of war, violence and strife. So we need to be careful with our words and tone of voice during this time. With this star, it all depends on how we use its energy. Any repressed emotion may come out during this transit in a pretty explosive manner. Ardra represents intense transformation, and great communicative skills.

Mars finishes its transit in Gemini in the Vedic star called Punarvasu, which is a beautiful and gentle star rooted in wisdom and love, ruled by the Mother of the gods Aditi. She represents the universal mother and mother earth as well. She symbolizes fecundity, progeny, and fertility in all its forms, including creativity and originality of mind especially in Gemini. Mars stays here from April 21 to May 10. Mars will however continue its stay in Punarvasu after May 10 when it enters its debilitation sign, cancer.

Punarvasu mainly represents the return to the light after the storm, the return to harmony and balance. This is a great time for creating more balance in our lives and within.


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