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Mars enters Aries on February 5, 2019

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mars enters its own sign in sidereal Aries ! February and March will be especially strongly felt by those with planets in Aries such Sun, Moon, Mars or the Ascendant, (or even if you have these planets in sidereal Libra or if Libra is your ascendant). And anyone running a Mars/Aries period.

* On February 5:

Mars enters its own house in sidereal Aries until March 21, joining Uranus. This is a powerful transit,

particularly for initiating anything new, the execution of our goals, desires & ambitions (especially after the New Moon in Capricorn on Feb 4).

We however need to be extra cautious of the ego, how we treat others, aggressive tendencies, our temper, the wasting of our vital energy and acting out of impulse.

Mars/Uranus is prone to acting without thinking too much and acting on impulse, so just be aware of this. The feeling of electricity can be felt running throughout the body or higher than usual energy can be felt.

* Mars in Aries will be giving a 4th dristi to Cancer, where Rahu is residing (only until March 7th, after which Rahu will be moving into Gemini), and an 8th dristi to its own house Scorpio, where Jupiter is residing. This may cause temper & anger issues.

*** Pranayama is highly advised during this time and will help a lot with channeling this energy in beneficial ways. This is a great time for healers and those in the healing arts, Ashwini will be very supportive.

Go for walks, or a run, exercise, release the energy in a positive way. Meditate. Pay attention to the planets you have in sidereal Aries and the aspects to this house in your chart.

* On February 10, the Moon enters Aries for 2 ½ days, joining Mars and Uranus. Watch out for emotional outbursts, arguments, be cautious in your daily activities, etc.

* Mars will be in Ashwini until the 25th of February early morning, then will go into Bharani that same morning (EST), for the rest of its transit in Aries until March 21.


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