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Mars enters Aries June 26 to August 10, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mars is the planet of war, anger, selfishness, passion, but also courage, mental strength or toughness, initiative, energy, and youthfulness. In Aries, Mars is impulsive and gains energy and excitement to move things forward.

Mars joins innovative and unpredictable Uranus, as well as malefic, and illusion-filled Rahu for a little over a month in his own house, in Aries.

This screams excessive heat (i.e. competitiveness, tension, passion, anger, violence, fires, explosions, volcanic eruptions), sudden events and premature action.

It also screams implementation of advanced technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence), bio-weapons and nanotechnology, which relate to the physical body, the head and brain area, used to harm (Mars = all forms of weaponry including covert ones as Mars is highly sneaky and seeks dominance in both blunt and covert ways, think Aries/Scorpio).

Positively, it indicates courage, sudden awakenings, new energetic fields and shifts of energy. Releasing old and negative energies. Taking care of our physical body actively. Implementing our goals.

Mars/Uranus in Aries generates heightened originality, fearlessness, a youthful adventurous spirit, swift awakenings, sudden changes in our energetic field, which may be necessary and very positive for our soul growth and advancement. On the lower frequency spectrum, this combination produces recklessness, self-centeredness, tactlessness, and instability.

Rahu/Mars in Aries produces premature action, inflated ego, hastiness, hot headedness, can be accident prone (Mars/Uranus as well), heat in the body is increased by Rahu, impatience, but also unlimited will power.

When Mars, Rahu and Uranus all conjoin at 24 degrees in Bharani lunar mansion (nakshatra), on August 1, we can expect the unexpected around this time, earthquakes, explosions, plane crashes, violence and sudden deaths. I would not travel around this time. Also, Saturn Retrograde makes a square to Mars/Uranus/Rahu, although not an exact one, but with a 4 degree orb, which indicates important shaking up at the governmental level, with tension and unexpected turns. The financial world will be negatively affected as well.

(Saturn retrograde will make an exact square to Uranus starting at the very end of September up to early October, then the square is within 1 to 2 degrees until November – more on this soon).

Mars in Ashwini June 26 to July 18

Good time for healing, or correcting our health issues.

Mars in Bharani July 18 to August 5

Innovations, births of creative projects, awakenings, sudden deaths and endings.

Arguments, aggression, violence.

Mars in Krittika August 5 to August 10

Violence, weapons, explosions, deaths.


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