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March 2024 Astrology Highlights

The first eclipse of the year occurs this month, hence intensity and transformation are on the horizon. We may be on the verge of a health crisis as the eclipse occurs in Virgo conjunct Ketu.

This is another month influenced by Saturnian energy with so many planets conjunct Saturn in Aquarius such as the Sun, Venus & in the second half of the month, Mars. The upcoming new Moon takes place in Aquarius as well. Here are some of this month’s highlights.


March 6

Mercury enters its debilitation sign, Pisces, until March 25. Things may feel like Mercury is retrograde. Miscommunication, problems with travel plans, even issues with losing objects are all more probable now. Mercury is close to Neptune the first few days hence there is some deception in the air, people may not be as truthful as they should be.


March 7

Venus enters Aquarius, joining Saturn until March 31. This brings a serious note to relationships, and a sense of heavy responsibility. The focus will be surrounding women’s rights this month, especially in Iran. There will be an uprising and protests surrounding women.


March 9

New Moon in Aquarius at 26 degrees of Purva Bhadrapada conjunct Saturn and Venus. This adds a serious note to the next 30 days. We need to be quite intentional in our every action and do things with integrity and honesty. Humanitarian issues are the focus, protests will arise quite quickly and vastly globally. Purva Bhadrapada is a very intense lunar mansion. More on this soon.


At the same time on this new Moon day, Mars in Dhanishta squares Uranus in Aries (Bharani) at 25 degrees. Expect the unexpected, this may result in violence, sudden attacks, and accidents. Be prudent around this time if you have planets near 25 degrees of either Capricorn or Aries.


March 10-11

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Mercury/Moon in Pisces at 7 degrees, fantastic time to uncover truth, to investigate, learn a new topic, or buy astrology books, etc.


March 12

The Moon is in gandanta in Pisces and Aries, not the best time to start anything new. Be easy on yourself and others. Can be an overwhelming day. Great time for meditation, prayer, mantra, pranayama (breath work).

March 14 to April 13

Happy Solar return to all the Sun in Pisces people! The Sun enters Pisces today until early morning April 13. This is a compassionate month where forgiveness and love are on the horizon. Great time to connect to the divine, to seek spiritual guidance, for spiritual practices including prayer, and to extend our love, help and compassion to others. Be careful with boundaries however, and don’t be so lenient with them. Discrimination and structure are weak in this sign, so be careful with that this month.


March 15

Mars enters Aquarius joining Saturn until April 22. This is going to be a tough period and a test in patience for sure! Saturn is the planet of delays, limitations, and blockages, while Mars is the planet of will power, action, forward movement, and energy. This combo creates frustration as Saturn puts the breaks on fiery Mars. Delays and blockages are on the horizon. Patience is key. Don’t force anything to happen, allow things to unfold naturally. Both planets deal with timing, and so timing will be off. There is this push and pull energy that will interfere with our plans, this is momentarily however. Just go with the flow of things.


March 17

The Sun is exactly conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Secrets, lies, secret agendas, dishonesty are all indicated here especially regarding leaders and the governments of the world. Be careful who you trust and who you share personal information with. People are not as transparent around this time. We may hear of health issues and health scares around this date, don’t trust the fear mongering. At the same time, keep your immune system as healthy as possible.


March 25 Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

The Lunar eclipse (full Moon on the nodal axis) occurs in sidereal Virgo at 10 degrees and 55 minutes of Hasta nakshatra conjunct Ketu. You may already be feeling a certain intensity in the air or you may feel like something big is on the verge of occurring, this is normal. Eclipses are powerful energetic astronomical events that affect the the very earth we walk on.

Since this is a Ketu (south node) Lunar eclipse, it is a time of both letting go/endings, and a time of important revelations. As I always mention, do not look at the eclipses! This is not an auspicious time, as the luminaries are darkened, this is not a good omen. Also, don’t start anything new on this day. We are not thinking clearly around this time, as the mind and consciousness are darkened.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is in the opposite sign of Pisces and is gandanta on this day at the critical degree of 29 degrees, hence it is drowning in the waters of Pisces. This creates sensations of overwhelm and confusion. Health will be the theme of this lunar eclipse. Best thing to do? Don’t overwhelm yourself, keep a healthy routine as best you can. More on the eclipse coming up shortly.


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