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Lunar Eclipse March 25

Eclipse season is at our door once again, this is a time of intensity and transformation, when the earth is shaken up literally and figuratively speaking. Eclipses have the power to turn our lives upside down and bring about important change. It doesn’t always have to be negative, but it can transform our lives in big ways especially if it occurs near our natal planets or ascendant degree. (Just a reminder that I am using the actual sky, meaning the planets as they relate to the stars, which is called sidereal astrology, which is different than western tropical astrology).

Virgo is the sign of self improvement, especially in regards to our health, daily habits or routine. Organization and efficiency are big Virgo strengths, as well as deciphering truth from fiction .Virgo's are great at problem solving and finding the root cause of an illness or any problem. Virgo rules the 6th house of the natural zodiac, known as a dushtana house or malefic house, because it deals with problems of all sorts, chronic health issues, and "enemies" in a variety of forms, debt, divorce, etc.

This is a Ketu eclipse making it a time of letting go and endings as Ketu is all about separating energy. Virgo is the sign of health and healing, this can cause a health crisis or scare in the world, especially with Mercury in Pisces “drowning” at 29 degrees of gandanta, this adds overwhelming energy to the eclipse. We may feel confused and like we are downing, so take things slow and don’t overwhelm yourself especially if you are ruled by Mercury (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Gemini or Virgo), take extra care of yourself, not overthrowing your nervous system. Mercury at this critical degree affects health, communication, and transportation, especially overseas cargo, ships, etc. We may hear of drownings and floods.

As this is a full Moon on the nodal axis, it will bring in new information and revelation. For some of you this information will be regarding health, and it most likely deals with a past issue, not a new one. Our mind can be overactive around this time as we have the lunar and mercurial energies here, which creates an overcharged mind and intellect. 

As I always mention, it is not advised to look at eclipses as they are omens of darkness. It is also advised to not make drastic life changes around this time, or on this day. Hold off until weeks after the Solar eclipse of April 8, if possible.

The Moon is in hasta nakshatra the Vedic portion of the sky consisting of five stars appearing like five fingers of an open hand. Hasta means hand. This indicates healing powers of the hands, and skills of the hands, but also the power to manifest anything into our hands. The deity is Savitr, the Sun deity who is associated with the heart chakra and inspires us towards truth, and divine love. Savitr, guides us towards the light, we can indeed receive important inner revelations during this time. This can be a good time to let go of anything that isn't true to ourselves, or that isn't bringing any order in our lives as Savitr is the deity of eternal order.

This can be a time to let go of false ideas or beliefs surrounding the health industry or just health and haling generally. Also, Savitr imparts divine speech, hence chanting the Gayatri mantra which is the mantra of Savtir on eclipse day is a great idea, preferably at sunrise of noon, but anytime is good.

For Canada the eclipse happens in the 10th house of the Lunar eclipse chart, relating to the government and PM Justin Trudeau. The fact that Ketu is conjunct the Moon here indicates a decline in his regard, major dissatisfaction and new revelations concerning him. Just a few days ago Trudeau said that he often thinks about stepping down as PM, this is the effect of Ketu in the 10th house, i.e. a dissatisfaction and separating energy regarding profession or career.

The Sun is in Pisces conjunct Neptune both in Uttara Bhadrapada, there is some deception around this eclipse and my guess would be about a new health crisis as Pisces and Virgo form the health or medical axis, Pisces deals with secrecy, unexplained death, and hospitalization. Uttara Bhadrapada is a profound lunar mansion associated with the serpent of the deep or kundalini energy, but also relates to deception, illusion, and gullibility.  

Rahu and Mercury are in Revati which deals with travel and transportation, and the end of a cycle or completion, as it is the last nakshatra. Hence the theme of endings, and separating energy is strong with this eclipse.  

Eclipses are known to shake the earth and cause earthquakes; this normally happens wherever the eclipse is visible. If you have any planets near the eclipse degree (within 3 degrees) or if your ascendant is here, then it will affect you greatly. You want to look at the natural karakas of the planets for example the Sun rules the father, the Moon the mother, Mars brothers, etc. You also want to look at the house that the eclipse is occurring in to understand the sector of life affected, and finally you want to see the houses that are ruled by the planets in Virgo. Best thing to do on eclipse day is just keep it simple, no new beginnings on this day, no new projects on this day, meditation is best or any spiritual practice that helps appease the mind. Eating lighter is also recommended.


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