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Lunar Eclipse in Libra 5/5

As the Moon gets fuller and brighter, we may feel restless and anxious, this is normal because the Lunar eclipse is right around the corner. These emotional states will subside after the eclipse, which occurs on May 5, around 1:33 pm EST, in Libra at almost 21 degrees of Vishakha.

It is a Ketu eclipse indicating a time of liberation and letting go of the past so the new may enter, and it can certainly enter quickly! Ketu is in Rahu ruled nakshatra Swati (which represents speed and movement), while Rahu is in Ketu ruled Ashwini (which is also about swiftness and rapidity), this is highly karmic. It signifies prompt events that will transpire in the areas of justice, politics, agreements, and relationships/partnerships. Leaders will be involved as the Sun is very close to Uranus on this day, suggesting sudden turns of events at the leadership or governmental level. Sun/Uranus produces awakenings, while Uranus contributes to earth changes and earthquakes.

Vishakha is a potent star of triumph ruled by two powerful deities, Indra, and Agni (or Indragni). Indra rules transformation while Agni rules fire, together they succeed in destroying evil forces. It is the “star of purpose” and gives mighty determination in accomplishing any goal or desire that it has. Jupiter rules Vishakha and is part of the eclipse as it’s in Aries conjunct Rahu, this give us the fruit of our goals eventually, if we are determined enough and don't give up.

This is a time of deep healing and transformation regarding relationships and our role in relationships and what we say "yes" to.

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Gemini on this day but they are very far in degrees not causing any serious issues, just a bit of passion in the air and interesting conversations perhaps.

Lunar eclipses bring in some form of truth or inner revelation, pay attention. Meditating, reciting mantras and praying on this day magnetifies its effects and is favorable. Take a moment to calm and rest the mind.

The eclipse day is unfavorable for making important life changes.

Mercury is Retrograde combust, hence weakened, don’t sign anything important until after May 15.


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