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Love is the only law. Venus Enters Pisces February 2 to February 28, 2020

Venus has entered Pisces on February 2 and will remain here all month! Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that it does very well here, its energy will shine brightly on us and in our lives.

Venus in Pisces is free to thrive in matters of love, creativity, empathy, imagination, intimacy/sex, and more. This is a great time to say sorry, to forgive, to say I love you, (to love more), to offer support and empathy. To overlook the small stuff. To create anything beautiful.

Most importantly, Venus in Pisces reminds us that unconditional love is true love. When we can love without expectations or demands, then we know the essence of love. What parent tells their child “clean your room or I wont love you anymore”, right. Here in Pisces, there are no rules.

Here Venus just loves for the sake of loving. But also, because it is not caught up in the details, unlike Venus in Virgo, which is more logical and concerned with specifications. Venus in Pisces is anything but detail oriented or logical. It is all about the adoration and idealizing of love because, well, it is love. It is concerned with escaping reality as well, so watch out for that unless you are in a creative process.

Venus drops criticism and discrimination in Pisces, she just wants to transcend the limits and rules of society, and live in a world where love is the only law.

Very creative soul’s have Venus is Pisces in their natal chart, I have met wonderful artist with this placement. Musical and artistic talents are all found here with VE in Pisces.

The negative side to this placement is escapism or tendencies to avoid pressing matters and big lack of discrimiation. Pisces is found in the natural 12th house of the zodiac, which is about boundlessness, no rules, no regulations, no boundaries. Oftentimes having Venus in Pisces can create promiscuity. Sometimes it can create dependencies to drugs, sex, or alcohol. Respecting our own boundaries is important when we think of Venus in Pisces, and making sure that we set personal boundaries to begin with.

The 12th house is a Moksa house, a spiritual and deep-water house that is super sensitive, super transformative, this is the last house of the zodiac, where we mingle with other dimensions. Here Venus is capable of great spirituality & pure devotion. Meditation will be wonderful this month of February, make sure to focus on the true meaning of self-love and love in all its forms.

Another important factor is that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is sitting in its own house of Sagittarius, making the Pisces houses that much stronger with Venus in it This creates very positive and powerful energies. We also have Saturn in its own house of Capricorn, although it is a malefic planet, we have stability and support. Venus in Pisces is currently make a trine aspect to Saturn creating a desire for stability in Venus related issues, mainly love.


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