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Jupiter transit Taurus 2024-2025

 Jupiter transit Taurus from May 1, 2024 to May 14 2025.

The planet of expansion and blessings enters the sign of the banking system or the economy, agriculture, and the food supply for one year. Taurus rules everything relating to nature, our senses, our personal values, as well as everything that we consume (food, drink, medication). Jupiter is quite indulgent in this sign, so watch out for that. Jupiter trines all other earth signs; Virgo and Capricorn bringing blessings and opportunities for all of us, in various sectors of life according to our Ascendant.


This transit appears quite good on the surface, but as I look at other factors, there are more than a few important hiccups, which include the square with Saturn and the conjunction with Uranus. In fact, Uranus joins Jupiter in Taurus on June 1, shaking things up and revolutionizing all areas related to Taurus, this includes the banking system, nature itself, and what we consume, yikes! Uranus will bring a ton of instability here! Uranus stays in Taurus until 2032, this is when the economy will be completely transformed. More on this transit soon.

Another important hiccup, is the aspect of Ketu onto Jupiter. Ketu is a separating energy, while Jupiter is the amplifier. Hence, Jupiter amplifying the separating energy of Ketu in Virgo is not promising in terms of wealth or the economy.


There are two squares between Jupiter and Saturn this year, the first one is on August 19, at 23° and the second one on December 24, at 19°48. This creates challenges and blockages between these two important social planets, yes this deals with serious economic problems that the world will face. More on this later.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will revolutionize our values and beliefs on a very profound level. The last time they were here was 84 years ago, during the start of WW2 as I’ve mentioned in other posts.


What I really dislike about this transit, is the fact that the demon star resides here, at 2 degrees of Taurus, and Jupiter will conjunct it, so will Uranus. This doesn’t sound good to me. Algol is the star of rage, destruction, misfortune, and death. Again the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus happened in Taurus 84 years ago, conjunct this treacherous star.

What we want to pay attention to during this Jupiter transit is of course the transits of Venus, but also of Mars, which rules the opposite sign Scorpio, the sign of war and crisis, and it rules the 12th house from Taurus, which deals with loss and secrecy.  


Other than that, expansiveness and opportunities in all areas of Taurus are expected.

There is a lot more going on but it's impossible to mention it all in a post. I may start making videos this month of May, will keep you guys posted when and if I do.


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