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Jupiter Retrograde in Uttara Bhadrapada - July 28 to November 28, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The benefic planet of expansion, truth and higher wisdom, Jupiter, goes Retrograde in its own sign of Pisces at 14 degrees, on July 28, until November 28. The entire retrograde period takes places in UttaraBhadrapada. A very insightful lunar mansion.

Jupiter will over-expand all the qualities of Pisces and the 12th house even more during this retrograde period, which includes all things related to water, floods, storms, and even tsunamis maybe, contemplation on the past, more interest in the mystical and spiritual world, escapism tendencies, high sensitivity, intuition will be heightened, compassion, and endings of all kinds. It is a time of letting go.

There will be a greater need for seclusion for some people. Our dream life may become more active during this time and even predictive, so pay attention to your dreams, write them down, especially if you are a sidereal Aries ascendant or Capricorn ascendant.

UttaraBhadrapada is a deep, profound and intuitive lunar mansion. Its symbol is the back feet of a funeral cot, which is very telling of its nature. It deals with death and serious matters. This isn’t a light and superficial star, and often people with this nakshatra deal with important karma in their lives.

There are two sides to this star, one side is actually the danger of being lost in a fantasy world and losing touch with reality, being "too spiritual" while avoiding the physical or being disconnected with it. Being gullible, impressionable and lacking discrimination are very common with UttaraBhadrapada.

And then there is a much more sober side to this star, the side that sees the root of all manifested things, and that instinctively knows that the physical world is created by the spiritual one, and not vice versa.

Hence this is an excellent time for spiritual practices, whether meditation, mantra, yoga, or walks near bodies of water. The ruler of UttaraBhadrapada is Saturn, the lord of Karma, perseverance, and endurance. The deity is AhirBudhnya, who is said to be born of the waters, and his name means "the serpent of the bottom", or “the dragon of the deep ocean”. Stabilizing our energy will be important with this transit, as things are getting chaotic as we are approaching the eclipse in October, and also Mars will station retrograde around this time as well. More about this soon.

The last time that Jupiter was in UttaraBhadrapada, was from January 6 to March 12 of 2011. Although it wasn’t retrograde, major events, including floods, tsunamis, & earthquakes occurred during this short period. Namely, on January 11 & 12 of 2011, floods and mudslides happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where almost 1000 people died during this extreme landslide disaster.

Both Jupiter and the Moon were in UttaraBhadrapada. (Interesting to note that Rahu was in Mula, and Ketu in Ardra).

On March 11, 2011 there was the Tohoku, Japan earthquake followed by a major tsunami, where more than 15,000 people lost their lives. This is when the Fukushima incident took place. Jupiter was in UttaraBhadrapada as well as combust Mercury, and Uranus.

In January and February of 2011, there were important floods caused by massive rainfall in Australia. Jupiter was in Uttarabadrapada.

Also, interestingly, the Egyptian Revolution took place while Jupiter and Uranus were both in UttaraBhadrapada, from January 25 to February 11 of 2011.

Millions of people gathered and demanded the overthrow of President Mubarak. It was a violent event with thousands injured and hundreds of people killed.

(This happened following the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, Purva Ashadha conjunct Mars and Pluto. Rahu/Ketu in Mula/Ardra).

I was curious to find the biggest flood ever, and apparently it was on August 1,1993 in the Mississippi river, called the Great Flood. Interesting to note that Jupiter was at 16 degrees in Virgo, exactly opposite Uttara Bhadrapada. (Sun was in Pushya, Rahu in Anuradha, Moon in UttaraAshdha opposite its house, Cancer). Also, the China flood of 1931, Uranus was in UttaraBhadrapada.

The Banqiao Dam failure in 1975, Pluto was in Virgo exactly opposite UttaraBhadrapada.


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