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Jupiter Gandanta Pisces/Aries

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Before Jupiter changes signs and enters Aries on April 21, it will enter the gandanta region in Pisces on April 8th. Then once it enters Aries it is still in gandanta until May 5. This is a time of intense overwhelming energy and karma around the world.

The gandanta region (there are 3) is the junction of the lunar and solar zodiac and is found between 26 degrees and 40 minutes of all water signs and 3 degrees 20 minutes of all fire signs. Hence in Pisces-Revati to Aries-Ashwini, Cancer-Ashlesha to Leo-Magha and Scorpio-Jyestha to Sagittarius-Mula. We must use the sidereal zodiac for the gandanta regions as we are talking about the stars, which are sidereal and relate to the sidereal zodiac.

These gandanta portions are intense, transformational and “karmic”. On a personal level they can express themselves in various forms such as in deep internal or subconscious issues, trauma, difficult familial issues, etc. It all depends on the planet involved and what it is doing in the chart. However, these placements are here to help us heal and grow at the soul level.

Globally they affect weather and cause chaos in the form of storms or fires such as on April 15, 2019 when the Notre Dame Cathedral was set on fire and collapsed in Paris, France. Jupiter was at 0 degrees of Mula nakshatra in sidereal Sagittarius, while the Sun was at 0 degrees Ashwini in sidereal Aries. In fact, the most intense gandanta junction is found between 29 and 1 degrees. Now, if we use the tropical zodiac for the date of the Cathedral fire, these gandanta degrees are nonexistent in the chart. Or if an individual has gandanta planets in the sidereal chart (which is a significant placement), it disappears in the tropical chart, this is one if the reasons I use the sidereal zodiac.

Gandanta means “karmic knot”. A knot that is tightly tied and difficult to untangle. When a planet traverses here it creates powerful, overwhelming energy and circumstances in the world and within us.

With Jupiter in gandanta in Pisces in Revati (April 8 to 21st ), we can expect severe storms, floods and chaotic weather. Pisces being a water sign deals with our emotions and as such we may experience emotional turmoil or a feeling of drowning. Calming the mind and heart is important during this period. Difficult issues from the past may arise and require our attention, especially when Mercury goes retrograde the same day that Jupiter enters Aries gandanta. April (and the following months) is an intense month with the solar eclipse on the 19/20th.

Jupiter is between 29 & 1 degrees from April 17 to April 25 which is the most intense period. Revati is the star of transition and is the last star of the zodiac implying the end of a cycle, and the transition into a new phase. This is a powerful time for closure and deep healing. This is when Mars is in Gemini in Ardra, the star relating to the ‘storm god’ and sadness, but also renewal (please read previous post on Mars in Gemini).

Jupiter in Aries-Ashwini gandanta can produce fires, accidents and all kinds of upheavals especially while getting the influence of Rahu and Uranus. Be prudent around these dates with your travels and associations. Aswhini deals with quick energy, fast transport, even ambulances (quick medical aid) or firefighters that must quickly come to the rescue of people or burning buildings. Don’t take haste or rash decisions around this time either. The Aries gandanta is between April 21st and May 5th.

The gandanta transit ends on May 5th. If you have planets in this area or opposite in Libra, try to take it easy if overwhelmed, meditation can help or any other spiritual activity which calms the senses.


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