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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Predictions and Insights April 20, 2024

The conjunction between Jupiter, the planet of expansion, education, and divine wisdom with Uranus, the great awakener, planet of revolution, technology, and abrupt change is a powerful cosmic event that will generate massive and sudden transformation on so many levels of society. Things will be shaken up to their core! This happens in sidereal Aries at 27 degrees of Krittika.


This is a time to embrace unexpected change and be open to new possibilities.


Krittika is the Vedic portion of the sky ruled by Agni, God of fire, truth, and transformation. Krittika means “the cutters”, it cuts things away such as ignorance, lies, and illusions. This fire is purifying and refining. Krittika has the power to cut away all negativity until only truth remains.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, it is strong and powerful and adds willpower, drive and determination to the conjunction. It also indicates that sudden and abrupt changes will affect world leaders and world governments in big ways.

April 2024 Chart

A worldwide mass awakening is unavoidable, the truth surfacing like never before is also inevitable. Consciousness will rise and be heightened through this potent conjunction.


Unexpected blessings and opportunities are waiting for you if you have planets near 27 degrees in any of the sidereal fire signs; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. (Go to my free birth chart calculator to verify on, using a laptop or computer is best for now). For all others, look at the Aries house, according to your ascendant, to see what sector of life will experience major breakthroughs.  

If you're ruled by Jupiter (Ascendant or Moon), you will feel this potent energy more than others, you may experience the unexpected (surprises for instance), and may be pushed or tempted to make important life changes, you will certainly get a good dose of new inspiration, and enlightenment! This is the time to break free from whatever is holding you back.


We will see surprising new advances in technology, most likely relating to the head and brain because the conjunction occurs in Aries. The education system will be revolutionized in surprising ways with the incorporation of AI within schools. Revolutions, riots, protests will all accelerate in the upcoming weeks and months.


There are some negatives with this conjunction resulting from the fact that it’s near the treacherous demon star called Algol, star of death, decapitation, and misfortune. This results in accelerated violence in the world and an increase in deaths unfortunately.

The other negative is that Krittika rules sharp tools and weapons, which contributes to world violence. Mars, ruler of Aries, rules war and the military.  


This conjunction happens every 14 years, the last time was in June 2010 in the sign of Pisces, at 6 degrees of Uttara Bhadrapada. This is when unprecedented demonstrations erupted in various Arab countries.

If we look at the last time this conjunction occurred in Krittika however, it dates to almost 84 years ago, in May 1941, Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct at 2 degrees of Taurus, within 1 degree of Algol, at the beginning of WW2. This was indeed a treacherous time in history with many deaths and executions.

1941 Chart

This is why we need to vibrate higher collectively and act accordingly. The world is going through rapid change that result in suffering, yet when we look closer, these are repeated patterns and cycles sadly. We need to break free of these patterns, and hopefully this conjunction can help, but only if we put our minds and hearts together collectively.


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