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June 17, 2019 - Full Moon in Sagittarius at 4:25 am EST – 1 degree of Mula lunar mansion

This is a very interesting powerul Full Moon for a few reasons, it is occurring on the nodal axis where a lot of internal action (Pluto R, Saturn R, and Ketu in Sagittarius) is happening right now. Also at the opposite end, the Sun just entered Gemini (Happy Solar Return Geminis!) joining Mars, Rahu and Mercury! (We need to watch our ego and communication for sure! So much intense energy going that overreacting becomes very easy!).

Now the Full Moon, which will be at 1 degrees Mula, is in one of the most challenging areas of the entire zodiac, right between Scorpio and Sagittarius, between the Water and Fire element! This is a very Spiritual transformational area! All of the water-fire areas between 28 degrees water and 3 degrees fire are not to be ignored, especially if we have natal planets here, these areas do offer immense opportunity for spiritual growth but they usually come at a price, which is ultimately the lesson of letting go and transcending pain and loss; a big theme this entire year!

This Full Moon is not to be feared, far from it! Kali the deity which rules the lunar constellation of Mula is all about destruction yes, but it is about destroying those inner qualities which aren’t serving us at all. This is a time to look up like Jupiter does! Look up for higher wisdom and revelation, look on the bright side! Mula is right near the Galactic Center, the black center or hole of the universe, yet this is where there is immense spiritual light available for all of us and this is what this Full Moon is bringing us, light in the darkness. Full moons are about releasing and letting go, they are very internalized energies, while new moons are about new beginnings and externalized energy.

I keep saying it over and over again, this is just a fantastic year for spiritual and conscious evolution! Incredible year for that. Lessons will be learned VERY quickly because of Ketu’s tight conjunction to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, plus Jupiter being in transformative Scorpio…we are ready for the lessons hence we will get them this year, and learn them fast! There will be lots of separative events, it can be physical separation or again the letting go of old patterns and beliefs systems.

I feel that this full moon can bring a lot of good because it is very near Jupiter(R), which is at 24 degrees Scorpio. The Moon being in Mula is always challenging, but if we look at everything with awareness and spiritual eyes, there is no end to the wisdom and truth that is found in this lunar constellation which is right near the Second Sun of spiritual intelligence, in the black hole of the universe. Mula is often called the Root Star, or foundation Star, it is all about uncovering burried truths, revelations, breaking through ignorance and the ego, but mainly it is finding new ways to overcome barriers like changing perspectives and expanding our consiouness.


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