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“Guru Purnima” Lunar Eclipse in Sidereal Sagittarius July 4 , 2020

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The eclipse takes place right after midnight, around 00:43 minutes EST in Sagittarius at 19 degrees 29 minutes.

This Lunar eclipse (full moon on the nodal axis) happens to be on Guru Purnima, an Indian celebration of Gurus (teachers of all sorts), where we thank or venerate our Guru and acknowledge their presence in our life. Guru literally means “one that helps shed away the darkness or the illusions and brings in the light”. True Gurus inspire us to do the same. Our Guru can be in any form, from God, to the universe, our higher or true self that we may meet during meditation, or it can literally be a physical Guru or teacher in the educational system.

Back to this eclipse and eclipse season in general.

It’s clear that we are all being pressured into a re-exanimation of this world and its established structures, of our life, our values, etc. There is a very real cosmic pull towards transformation being felt by many. This is nothing but the energy of the Shiva and Kali axis found in the Sidereal signs axis of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Shiva is known as the destroyer of all the things that are not serving us or helping us grow and transform, while Kali is also a destroyer but of internal ignorance and falsehoods. These eclipses have been happening right on these lunar mansions, hence all of the chaos and protests in the world from "Black lives matter", to covid19, to false diagnosis in hospitals around the world with nurses and doctors alike speaking out. There are many revolutions going on and many more to come.

There is a lot going on in the Gemini Sagittarius axis, Mercury still being Retrograde and bringing a lot of miscommunication and misinformation in the world at large. Rahu being quincunx by Saturn in Capricorn bringing so much discord on what is actually going on, this can show that the media is not being honest about what the government is actually doing at this present time, (BTW the quincunx is a very important aspect that is unfortunately being ignored all the time).

Pluto and Sagittarius are both retrograde and now in Sagittarius, this is an indication of a possible pandemic repeat or an inrease of cases. Remember that Jupiter amplifies any planet it is sitting with! So 8th house related stuff will come up! And by the way, we can't ignore pluto or else we are missing pieces of the puzzle, the outer planets, no matter how far away theY are, have proven to influence what is going on in the world in big ways.

(Ketu is pretty far form the full moon, being at 4 degrees, so I would not worry about it too much. The Sun in Ardra can continue contributing to anger and discord, as well as revolutions.)

However, this eclipse is happening in PurvaAshadha lunar mansion in Sagittarius. It has to do with victory, with seeing the light of some sort. The goddesses of the waters of the earth (the Apas) are found here, which have to do with cleansing or purification. I would like to think that there is a purification period that will lead to some sort of victory or relief in the future. Sagittarius mainly has to do with our belief system and convinctions, which are being transformed for many poeple these days.

If you have planets near the full Moon eclipse, you may desire a purification of some sort, your beliefs may change or you will be set free from old beliefs that were not serving you. If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant Lord is near 19 degrees (between 15 and 23 degrees) you will feel this inner desire/calling for change, or it will manifest in your life withtin the next few weeks. Look at the house that Sagiitarius rules in your chart to know which area of life will be affected.

I get this question often "should I look at the Moojn during an eclipse? "

No! Looking at the moon during an eclipse is not advised.

Yes the Moon is exceptionally beautiful and captivating when full and shinning bright and it is tempting to admire it, but it is said to be of bad luck to look at eclipses since their nature is to eclipse the mind, the moon representing our mind. Hence decision making is not best during this time or the week prior and after for this reason, we are prone to making mistakes more than usual.

We should all hold off on making big life changes or decisions around this time. Meditation or mantras are somehow twice as powerful and benificial during an eclipse.


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