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Gemini Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019

(How this solar eclipse will impact you is dependent on your own astrological chart)

Summer eclipse season begins with the first Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 3:18 pm (Eastern Standard Time) at 16.30 degrees Gemini, in Ardra lunar mansion (Ardra is the bright star called Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion). This eclipse won’t be visible in North America. It will however be visible in South America near the regions of Argentina (note that there was a huge and unprecedented power outage in Argentina on June 16 – eclipses cause effects before and after the event), Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. Hence these countries will be most likely impacted and big changes will most likely occur within the next six months.

What do Solar eclipse bring? Or what is the impact of a Solar Eclipse?

Firstly, how a Solar Eclipse will impact you personally is dependent on your own personal chart.

Solar Eclipses are in fact important events since they can bring about major changes in the world and in our lives, even more so if we have prominent planets such as the Moon, Sun or our Ascendant close to the degree of the eclipse or even any other planet within the same sign as the eclipse.

Solar Eclipses, (New Moon conjunct a Node), are conducive to newness, since this is the start of the waxing phase of the Moon when the Moon is growing in light, and as such, new things enter our lives; it is usually unexpected and this event can take place anytime within the next 6 months after the eclipse or literally the same day, the day prior or the next day, I have seen this happen quite a bit where someone’s life is completely turned upside down at the time of the eclipse, this is simply the nature of eclipses.

Now the specific nature of eclipses is determined by a few different factors. Firstly, the sign that it is taking place in, but even more so importantly, in Vedic astrology, the Lunar Mansion or Nakshatra that it is taking place in is extremely revealing. Also the planets conjunct the eclipse and the planets opposite the eclipse are very important.

So if you are reading my articles then you know there is A LOT going on in Sagittarius; Pluto Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde and Ketu (south node of the moon which is naturally retrograde!) This is a lot of crumbling energy, crumbling in the sense that it is clearly meant to peel off so many layers which are unnecessary and which aren’t helping us at all. These palets are about 8 degrees apart from the eclipse and do play a big part in this eclipse, namely detachment. This is really the theme of this entire year, I've said it a million times! Healthy detachment from all the things that we are used to, and I mean all the things, ways of thinking, beliefs systems, cognitions, ect. So this eclipse will of course trigger this theme in some way.

This eclipse is happening in Ardra nakshatra as mentioned above. This is the lunar constellation of the God of the Storm named Rudra, a God of destruction. Ardra is often said to mean “shining like a gem” or a crystal, metaphysically it represents clarity after a destructive/transformative storm has taken place. Hence there is lots of hope here for immense spiritual progression but one must endure the storm knowing it is not in vain. This is really what Ardra is about and what I have seen repeatedly in peoples charts. The wisdom gained from Ardra is immeasurable. Lord Shiva is associated to this nakshatra and it is probably a good idea to chant a Shiva mantra the day of the eclipse. Shiva is the remover of all things which have “past its prime” in our lives and in our consciousness, and even in our subconscious.

It is happening in Gemini, which is the natural 3rd house of the zodiac, which has to do with communication, and as such there could be some potential disturbances there whether it be verbal communication, the internet, the media, or anything of that sort.

Gemini and the 3rd house also represents travel (short and long distance travels actually) so since Venus is in the mix during this eclipse there could be some potential disturbances regarding transportation such as planes, cars, buses, trucks, (Venus is the karaka of vehicles). Also the import/export industry may experience some major issues. The weather is usually affected, like mentioned above South-America is mostly affected, and most likely to experience storms and major floodings. Eclipses usually affect the earth, so eathquakes as well.

The day of the eclipse is usually not a time to make drastic changes (even a few days and some say weeks before and after). Solar Eclipses literally eclipse our mind, there is disturbing and confusing energy, our mind is not very clear. The best thing to do during an eclipse is to take it slow, relax, meditate, chant some mantras, don’t overeat, or fast if you are able to, or eat very light foods whihc are easily digeted since the digestive fire is very low during an eclipse. Resting is best especially for those who have important planets in Gemini.

Upcoming eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse July 16 in Sagittarius at 29 degrees, 3:45 pm EST


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