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Full Moon in Virgo (Hasta Nakshatra)

Full Moon occurs in wisdom-filled Hasta nakshatra in sidereal Virgo at almost 22 degrees, on April 5 at 11:53 pm EST. Opposite is Jupiter in Pisces expanding the energy of divine truth (satya) and creativity of hasta.

This is a beautiful full moon offering the opportunity for profound inner connection to our truth, the truth of who we are, the Atma. Hasta is ruled by the Sun god, Savitr (Savitur) who is the natural Atma Karaka (significator for the soul/Atma) and is the lord of illumination. He is said to illuminate our consciousness and purify our mind and thoughts.

Referenced as the golden-handed Sun god and even golden-eyed, Savitr holds the creative and inspirational aspects of the Sun.

On a more material level, Hasta gives us the immediate gains of our creative endeavours. The shakti or power of this star is the ability to gain what we want/seek/desire and have it placed in our hands! Money is gained via the skills of our hands in this Vedic star. Gifts of the hands, such as creative and healing abilities are seen here. Hasta consists of the five stars found in Corvus constellation, which are likened to the 5 fingers of a hand.

This uplifting full Moon gives us the opportunity to manifest our wishes and desires with great success. Savitur is the giver of fortune, health, and blessings, and the remover of worry.

The beautiful Gayatri mantra, which is the mantra dedicated to Savitr falls under this Vedic star. It’s a good idea to recite it or chant it during this time and receive the benefits, which are numerous but mainly include fortitude of mind and body, peace of heart, and wisdom. Swipe right to read the mantra.

Since hasta is ruled by the Moon and Virgo by Mercury, we have Mercury/Moon energy present in this full Moon, which can drive us to overthink or be in our head too much. Plus, Mercury is exactly conjunct Rahu on this day causing our mind to race.

With Virgo being the sign of health, healing, dieting, and all sorts of annoying problems, we may find the solution and the answers to some of our issues.


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