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Full Moon in Taurus December 7, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This potent creative full Moon is exactly conjunct Retrograde Mars, making it somewhat disappear behind its fiery passionate rays, hence it is overwhelming the emotional nature of the Moon, adding a good dose of passion. Mars being exactly opposite the Sun, makes way for tension in the world, at the governmental level and with the leaders of the world. Conflict, anger and war are sadly on the menu.

The full Moon takes place on December 7, at 11:08 pm EST, at 21 degrees in the section of the sky called Rohini, which means “the red one”, this is where the fixed star Aldebaran resides, which is known as the “red eye of the bull”, i.e. Taurus. Consequently, if we observe the sky, we’ll see that the full Moon is in fact in Taurus, and not in Gemini.

Rohini is a lunar mansion that deals with desire, creative energy, fertility, and fruitfulness. It is the favorite nakshatra of the Moon, hence its exaltation here. Since Mars is an impulsive, bold, passion filled planet, we’ll need to take control of our urges and desires, and our emotions on and around this full moon day, as they may be conducive to rash action.

Remember all the qualities of Mars are heightened during its retrograde phase, enhancing the chances of fiery disputes, arguments, and war-like energy in relationships. Conjunct the full moon, we may experience more anger and passion, but also more courage to create something new and bold, just make sure it is for the benefit of all.

Taurus’s ruling planet Venus happens to be at 3 degrees of Mula on this day, which is one of the gandanta portions of the zodiac, this can add to the intensity and fiery energy of this full moon indicating yet again financial and relationship troubles. Taurus deals with wealth and the food that we consume including the food supply chains, hence anger is rising regarding all of these areas.

They say anger is a secondary emotion and that there is something far more important behind it that fuels it, which is normally hurt. This is a time to go within and examine all of these emotions, taking accountabiltiy and responsibilty for them. Why are we hurt ? And what can be done about it that wont cause more hurt ? I see Mars retrograde as an opportunity for massive revolution, deep internal revolution and external as well. Mars is a warrior afterall. If we have the guts for it, we can make massive changes, but it wont happen without any noise in the form of important distrubance and resistance.

And if we look at Aries, both Uranus and Rahu are there, squared by Saturn, removing the comfotable ground we've been walking on and pushing us towards continual awakenings. The old traditonal opressing ways aren't working anymore, and we see this with Iran especially and what is happpening there.


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